Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Our New Endeavor

As a New Year's Resolution, Lydia asked if she could attempt to use YouTube along with this blog to raise money for orphans who have Down syndrome.  At first I thought the idea was a bit far-reaching, but I was quickly reminded by 'said teenager daughter' that "No thing is impossible with God".  Her goal?  $50,000 by year end. 
To boot, I have been recruited in this process...and here is her plan:
On a regular basis, we will be shooting 5 minute videos offering Teenage Tidbits for moms and their daughters.  The idea is that all pre-teen and teenage girls have more in common than not....and that most share the same dreams and questions about life. 
Lydia and I will attempt to measure those dreams and tackle those questions from our Franklin, Tn home....raising some controversy from time to time I am sure.  Our first topic will be dating, which should be interesting since we do not agree on that subject matter at all.
Will the content be professional?  Not a stinking chance.  But it will be from the heart with the intent of supporting a tremendous cause!  Here's to our new journey....all started by a little girl named "Hope"

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