Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Cult Keeper

Have you ever dipped your toes in the inviting waters of the occult?       
I have.  

No, I'm not referring to witchcraft or satanism....far from it.  You see, the occult has transformed into something much more palatable.  It masquerades, in fact, in garb that looks very much like the traditional church, mixing a lot of truth with a few sneaky lies.

It will fool you. 

It fooled me.

Statistics agree, the church is steadily declining.  It has been for a quite some time.  While many reasons are given, one statistic remains constant:  Those who are leaving the church are joining the occult in gangbuster numbers.  The traditional church is weakening while the occult is re-inventing itself and coming on stronger than ever.  You might even be involved in a cult and not know it.   
Scary stuff.

I just finished writing my second book where I delve into this subject.  It is part of a trilogy I have called The Loyalty Lock Series, and in these books, which are set in my hometown of Cleveland, TN, I explore those institutions who call themselves faith-based, but who in all actuality, prey on those who are weak in order to push an agenda.  It is a real issue, because as the church is lulling it's members to sleep with watered down messages and pseudo-rock concerts, these insidious groups are swooping in to steal those souls.  They are, as the Bible says, wolves in sheep's clothing, and they are lying in wait for you...and your children.  

The first book in the series, called Homewrecker, introduces my lovable cast of characters with an engaging, sometimes humorous, theme, intentionally highlighting qualities that make each one unique.  This book is what the remainder of the trilogy is built upon.  

The second book, Cult Keeper, in contrast, takes that foundation and then drags the reader down a very unexpected journey into what makes a person, even one who has always been solid in their beliefs, fall for the lies presented by the occult.  

Both books are available in paperback by clicking here:

Or (for much cheaper) on Kindle by clicking here:

Money generated from these books will go toward my non-profit, Giving when you purchase them, you are giving back!  

"Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves."  
Matthew 7:15


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