Monday, October 3, 2011

Happy Down Syndrome Awareness Month

I am not a big supporter of all of the holidays and special occasions that have creatively been dreamed up over the years to appease different groups of people while padding the pockets of retailers, but I am a huge fan (for obvious reasons) of Down Syndrome Awareness Month. This month gives voice to those who have no voice: "We are more alike than different!"

Down syndrome has been a blessed gift to me: It has meant a slower pace of life, taking intentional time to appreciate little things that others miss, giving thanks for each day our family enjoys good health, working harder to achieve goals I would never have dreamed of attempting, and experiencing a whole new kind of love that is gut-wrenchingly deep and vulnerable.

Thank you, blog readers, for allowing me the opportunity to bring experiences with Hopey and Charlie into your lives. Your acceptance of them today equates to a brighter future for them tomorrow!

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