Saturday, August 17, 2013

14 Hours Of Miracles!

In the last 14 hours, two miracles have happened in our family.  Two Miracles.  I am overwhelmed.  The first miracle involves her:

Hopey turns 8 years old on September 5th and remains completely non-verbal.  This morning, she awoke EARLY and started playing with her angel (yep, it's a real angel that none of the rest of us can see---if you're ever around Hopey for a long period of time, you'll witness it yourself).  She was running all over the house giggling and playing when ALL OF A SUDDEN, she said:  "Where is it?"  followed by:  "There it is!"  and a whole bunch of giggles.  My heart just about popped out of my chest.  She hasn't said anything since, but God is answering our prayers.  Hopey is going to speak! 

The second miracle involves him:
who looked like THIS exactly one year ago after breaking two bones in his arm after a scrimmage:


It happened just before Caleb's junior season....he missed every game and was only able to play in a single play-off game.  Over the 3 months that it took his arm to heal, Caleb battled depression as he considered, for the first time, that his dreams of playing college football might not come true. 

But ever the athlete, he worked diligently this summer to rehabilitate (thank you Axel Burgos!):

Last night, in a full pre-season scrimmage in Tullahoma, TN, Caleb completed 12 of 15 passes and threw just shy of 300 yards in the first quarter and a half of the game.  The coach then put the second string quarterback into the game.  Caleb, in the first quarter and a half completed three touchdown throws.  The score when they pulled him was 34-3. 

The miracle wasn't the athletic feat of Caleb last night, even though that was amazing.  The miracle for me was in seeing Caleb's face after the game.  God allowed Caleb's faith to be tested last year, and while Caleb wrestled with God as he stood on the sideline last year with a cast on his arm, he ultimately made the decision to preservere with much faith, with dedication, and with hard work.....trusting God....and believing He has a plan and purpose for all things.   

For football fans, here is film from last night's miracle:    


  1. All I can say is, "Incredible!"
    Gives me the chills to consider how much more aware our children are than we can possibly imagine. I'd love to hear if your Hopey has made any new verbalizations. I also understand what you are saying about your son. My son is playing D1 ball after multiple injuries over multiple years. I've never met anybody as resilient as him - at least sports wise. I will tell you that I often remind my children that the great likelihood is that their mind will outlast their body. Directing their energy towards the most selective college they can get into makes more sense. Fortunately for my son a highly selective college wanted him to play ball there.

    If you are so inclined, please share how your daughter is doing at her boarding school.


  2. Go Caleb and Go Hopey! Smiling and totally "getting" the miracle~Sam is non-verbal as well.. Miracles - they happen all the time! Very happy to have found your blog and you as well.