Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bathroom Re-Do

Several months ago, we noticed our shower seemed to have a leak we couldn't find; after taking a shower, a little puddle of water would form around the outside edge of the shower. We were already planning to have another small full bathroom built upstairs for the girls to share, so we had a close friend help us with a plan for that and asked him go ahead and take a look at our master bath at the same time. He suggested we rip out the shower and bathtub....check to see what was underneath, and then consider building a bigger shower while at it. Really, he noted, that would be the only way we would know if we had a potential water issue. We agreed, and the demolition of our master bath began yesterday. I am SOOOO thankful we made this decision, because underneath our shower and bathtub, black mold was beginning to grow and spread. It was still on the surface of the sub-flooring (had not yet penetrated), so we caught it in time.

According to my kids, I am an organic (ish) modern-day "hippy" .....while Chappy just "lovingly" calls me a hypochondriac (ha! ha!)......for example, I don't color my hair, don't wear much make-up, eat organic food, buy clothes and products NOT made in China (sometimes shopping at the local Goodwill), do not use plastic, aluminum, or microwaves unless I have to (well, I never use a microwave), refuse to use chemicals in the house (hence all of the creepy crawlys that live with us),etc. So, for me to see mold, in my house nonetheless, (totally) freaked me out!

To remedy the situation , we have moved out of the house for a few days until the mold is gone....we can be found at a local hotel. Not convenient, but at least I have more of a peace of mind. Chappy reminded me the hotel might be infested with all kinds of unseen mold, but I am content enough since I cannot see any of it!

On a more positive note, I took some "before" pictures and will plan to post both the "before" and "after" photos once the bathroom projects are complete. I am most excited about the girls' bath that is simultaneously being built upstairs. They have never had their own bath and can hardly wait to NOT have to share a bath with their big (teenage) brother. I can't say that I blame them. Their one request: a sparkly chandelier hanging from the ceiling. While our bathroom will be filled with different shades of browns (and a claw-foot tub I have been dreaming of), the girls' bath will be "retro" shabby chic with different shades of teal green glass tiles mixed with milky white subway tiles.....their walls will sport all kinds of funky patterns..... and to top off, a black and white checkerboard floor.....their vanity will be distressed white (antique looking) with black granite counter. Should be cute and fun.

By the way, we had professional air quality tests performed 3 years ago and again last year (possibly Chappy is correct about the hypochondria?)........both times the results were negative and stated our air quality was great (no mold, no Radon) This whole experience has proven to me the need to be extremely diligent when it comes to our homes. If you have a leak, get it checked out before the problem gets out of hand. According to our GC, our problem would have been HUGE had we waited even a few months. Apparently, mold grows and spreads very rapidly, invading floors, spreading up walls and potentially causing health risks to all who are exposed to it on a regular basis. To think it can hide under bathtubs, showers, tile floors, etc. is a bit disconcerting.


  1. ok WOW so I read that your daughter raised $20,000 in 8 days. how in the world did she do it? We leave for Uganda in about 2 weeks and still need around $1,000-$1,50o and it's so hard to get even that much! your daughter is amazing!

  2. Yup, bathroom remodeling is never easy. I tried that once and I'm not eager to do it again.

  3. Hi Melanie, I looked for an email address so that I could send you an email, but didn't find one. I love your blog and am a faithful follower. I also live in Franklin. We live in McKay's Mill. I would REALLY, REALLY like to speak with you about about adopting a child with Downs. I have a heart for this and have been praying over it ever since I found Reece's Rainbow on your blog. I have lots of questions and you seem to be the person to ask. If you would consider speaking with me, would you please send me an email when you get a chance? shags3600@hotmail.com. I would really appreciate your help. By the way, we also have a sweet Lydia! :) Thanks so much Melanie, I hope to hear from you soon, Katie

  4. Hi Melanie!
    Wow we have just almost completed our Master bath redo which started for exactly the same reason! We went with browns also and the claw foot tub! I love it!! It took about 4 months to complete, but has been well worth it! Our girls bathroom is ironically very similar to the one you are planning for your girls with the black and white checkerboard tiles and the antique white cabinets with the black granite top! The only thing left to do in our Master bathroom is to pick out the chandelier that will hang over the claw foot tub!:)
    I have been meaning to email you for quite some time now. In fact I haven't commented on your blog since we gave to the Darya fund back in November though I follow along almost daily. I was so moved by the whole thing actually my whole family was very moved. My daughter Rachel who just turned 17 emailed you about wanting our family to be one of the ones for you to help with the 100 for 200 project! Honestly we really do not need financial help with adopting. What we need is prayer that we can get my dear hubby on board. I know this is something we are supposed to do and I have fallen in LOVE with a darling little girl on the Reece's Rainbow site. I am praying daily for her and for God to change my husbands heart. We have 4 children ages 20, 17, 15 and our 5 year old daughter that we adopted from China July 2005. I know he follows the blog as well ever since the Darya project. I didn't mean to ramble on, but just thought it was so ironic that you have just started a remodeling project that we are just about to wrap up. Oh... I also wanted to let you know that we saw a while back that you were vacationing in Seaside which is about 30 minutes away from where we live in Niceville,FL. We also own a home in Watercolor which is right next door to Seaside!:) If you ever come to Seaside again we would love to meet you all. Your children are all precious! We will be praying for you as you embark on your journey to Darya and hope to be able to follow along through your blog! I am going to give you my email address. I would love any words of advice or encouragement with the whole hubby getting on board thing!
    Itis huff1472@cox.net
    Barbara Huff (Barbie) as my friends and family call me)