Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lydia's Newest Country Twang: "Pink Dress"

Most of you know by now, Lydia and I like to write music together. In guitar class, she just learned a "boogie-woogie" rhythm and loves it. Chappy and Caleb were at the semi-finals of the SEC Basketball tournament all day last Saturday (thanks for the tickets, Theresa!), Lydia asked if we could write a song with the "boogie-woogie" rhythm during their absence from home. We had so much fun laughing as we came up with the lyrics....thought we'd share it! The song is too cute!!! (You can see the words on YouTube at: )


  1. Very cute . .. she plays guitar so well!

    btw . . . I got an email from my brother earlier this week . . the Christmas card you sent arrived at my Dad's house in New Westminster last week so he's going to forward it to me here in Finland;->

  2. Lydia sings and plays guitar so well. I enjoyed listening to her songs. She is a confident beautiful young lady. My best to all of you. Love, Susha