Tuesday, July 20, 2010

For Every Family Who Ever Wondered

This video is for everyone who grew up in a home where there were only "sisters" or "brothers"....in other words, no mix of "brothers and sisters". Mixing the two together is interesting at all phases, but is becoming especially fascinating as the teen years engross us at every turn. Have fun taking a peek "into the life".....ha! ha!


  1. Oh my... that was great to watch! It reminds me of myself and my brothers. This past winter, my sister and I spent over an hour chasing my younger (teenage) brother through a foot of snow, trying to get him with snowballs. Instead, he kept getting US! But we finally prevailed at the very end... I hope Lydia had at least one moment of vindication! I know firsthand that all the effort deserves at least some reward. ;)

  2. Oh my goodness...that is HILARIOUS!!! Coming from a house of only sisters and my hubby coming from only one brother...this mix of brothers and sisters is something that is so foreign to us. Many times we just sit back and laugh at how different our household is...it's so much fun! There truly is a different dynamic when you are a mix of girls and boys!