Thursday, August 12, 2010

I LOVE Hope and Charlie's Extra Chromo-Joy!

Today was Natalie's first day of 6th grade.....and Caleb's first day of high school. (sigh)

I homeschooled both of them for 5 1/2 years, and even though they were in the public school system from January until May of this year, today was still tough for me. I miss them.

The day might have been a bit easier if I hadn't left Caleb limping into the gigantic Franklin High School with a heavy backpack on his back; he injured his calf muscle in last night's football scrimmage against Ravenwood High and can hardly move his left leg. I saw it happen. He was tackled from behind, the whistle blew, then he raised to get up when another player jumped on for a late tackle. He hit Caleb's leg the wrong way leaving Caleb limping into the next play. Somehow he managed to get through the rest of the game, but was wincing with pain all night long. I love football when it is someone else's kid playing the game.....but I HATE it when Caleb is on the field. The entire time he is playing, my hands are balled into knots and my chest hurts. In complete seriousness, I tell him he should quit for my health, but he rolls his eyes and smiles. After running into the end zone with football in hand, putting 6 points on the scoreboard, I think any attempts to dissuade him would be pointless.

As for Lydia, she has decided to homeschool another year, and we won't begin homeschooling until next week. The video link is a look at what we decided to do with our partially empty house and sorta sad never ceases to amaze me how Hopey and Charlie spread joy when it is least expected and most needed...they are just so darn cute!

Which do you think Hopey enjoyed the most? Lydia's very long braids or the music??? She is a pistol! Never a dull moment around here.

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