Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Teen Worship

"Extra Excited" this evening:

Caleb has become so pumped about the youth group he is attending on Wednesday nights (http://www.journeyfranklin.com/). Last week, he and his sisters came home ecstatic as they relayed to me how they truly felt the presence of the Holy Spirit around them during praise and worship time. Caleb, who typically doesn't show alot of emotion, said he couldn't keep his hands down no matter how hard he tried. To a worship song about being set free, my 15 year old raised his hands to the Father and belted out songs of praise from his heart with tears streaming down his face. Unashamed. Life being changed. His words to me that night: "I'm telling you mom, it was real! God was there!"

He and his sisters described the evening as teenagers praising the Lord with no reservation, overcome with tears, and some bowed down on their knees with their faces in their hands sobbing. The presence of the Lord is a powerful thing, isn't it?

In all of the anticipation and excitement about tomorrow night's youth service, Caleb asked if he could extend an open invitation to his facebook friends to come gather at our house for food and then ride to youth group together after dinner. He thought it would be "awesome" to get a group of kids from high school worshiping together and wants to make it a weekly event. So far he hasn't received a huge response, but who knows? Sometimes these things just take a little time.

God is doing something amazing and spectacular in our youth. They are expecting Him and He is not disappointing them....He is showing up big time. The word "Revival" was used to describe an evening like this when I was growing up. I like the word, because to me it symbolizes bringing new life! I guess the modernized word today would be "Revolution"???....so Lord, bring on a God Revolution that will change the world!!

The meaning of life? The youth at Journey are learning it: It is all about getting to know HIM! "Just as the Father has loved Me, I have also loved you....so abide in My love....you are My friends." (words spoken by Jesus from John 15:9-15)

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