Thursday, September 16, 2010

In my quest to read classic novels this year, I have just completed "Jane Eyre" by Charlotte Bronte. The book is a rare gem loaded with colorful characters that rivet the reader and give cause to consider several relevant spiritual matters. I cheered for Jane, an orphan, throughout the entire book, yet my mind was thrown into a tug-of-war as I found myself wanting her to remain true to her faith while at the same time desiring her to have a taste of real living.

I came away with this:

If I had been placed in Jane's poisition, I am certain I would never have achieved the level of integrity that she maintained. Her love for "right" transcended her every action, word, and deed though emotionally, she often struggled. Jane's very nature was to stand up and speak out; however, she learned, through much practice, to honor God with her actions through love, humility, servanthood, patience, kindness, and self-control.

Unlike the great Jane Eyre, I am not a heroic fictional character. Truthfully, I have more faults than could possibly be listed on a blog page, and too often, my emotional struggle leads to sin. My worst struggle? selfishness. Daily, I have to consciously slaughter the evil enemy of "It's All About Me" and remind myself that I am but a tool to be used by the Almighty to help others....a servant. Most often, the enemy wins and I fail.

While you might pick up this book for wonderful entertainment, be warned it will stick the knife of conviction in your back when you least expect it. I dare say, there is not a female alive who could read this book and not compare herself to Jane and then desire to strive to be more like her.

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