Friday, September 17, 2010

A One Week Snapshot:

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Natalie:

Natalie: "Mom, some girl socked me right in the eye on the school bus today".

Me: "Oh my word, you have a bruise! Did you do something to provoke the little girl? Were you arguing?"

Natalie: "No mom, I was just being her friend, and then she punched me. I never saw it coming."

Me: "Mr. Principal, I don't know what happened, but Natalie was punched on the bus and says she wasn't fighting or arguing with the girl that punched her."

Principal to Natalie: "Natalie, did you do anything to provoke the girl who hit you?"

Natalie: "No, I was just being her friend."

Principal to girl: "Did you punch Natalie in the eye?"

Girl: "Yes."

Principal to girl: "Why would you do that?"

Girl: "She was flipping me with silly bands."

Principal to Natalie: "Did you flip her with silly bands?"

Natalie: "Yes, but I thought she liked the game."

Me to Natalie: "Couldn't you read the girl's face and tell she wasn't enjoying being flipped with silly bands?"

Natalie: "Can you teach me how to read faces so I don't get punched again, because I only know how to read books."

Charlie and an extra chromosome:

Lydia, Charlie, and I meet some good friends for lunch this week. Charlie was sleepy after playing all morning and had a full tummy, so I decided to let him sit in a stroller while I enjoyed visiting with our friends (hoping little red-head would take a nap). After a while, I noticed he wasn't sleeping but seemed content to play with his hands. It wasn't until I put him in his carseat that I noticed at some point during lunch he had reached into his diaper, pulled out a "poo poo ball" and rolled it up into his hand to squish. Content? Yep.....content and playing with a "poo ball" during lunch. I am sure there are LISTS of health codes against that!!!

Hope, an extra chromosome and a heart defect:

I picked Hope up from preschool today and learned she had not wanted to eat any food or drink any liquids all day no matter how much the teachers attempted to coax her. In addition, her teachers said she plopped herself on the ground during playground time and wouldn't play. After hearing the report, I scooped the little bundle up and made a quick stop by McDonald's for some famous french fries to tempt the hungry one to eat. McDonald's always works, but not today. Upon entering the house, I quickly turned on Elmo and wrapped her up in a blanket to cuddle on the couch. Hope not only shunned McDonald's, but she also shunned her favorite red monster. My sweet girl has no words yet, so she is unable to communicate her feelings to me.....therefore, I am left to fret and worry...which I have done since 12:30 this afternoon. "Could it be her heart?" I fear. "No, she is probably catching a cold or something", I quickly decide, but then am quickly checked by my own heart and emotions: "What if?" This will be another sleepless night......

Life with Special Needs Kids can be summed up with four words:
1. Never
2. A
3. Dull
4. Moment

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