Friday, November 26, 2010

emergency update about Carlene (from LYDIA)

My mom just heard from Mrs. Marianne Fick and got some very bad news about Carlene. The Fillmore family is in Russia adopting the cutest little girl named Tatiana (think they are going to call her Anna) who also has Down Syndrome. The person in charge who is helping them with their adoption gave them an update on Carlene. Carlene is 5 years old and should have already been sent to the institution to die, but the baby orphanage agreed to keep her because a family had said they would come and get her. Something happened and that family couldn't adopt Carlene, but the lady in charge of adoptions in Russia hasn't told the orphanage yet. In secret she has been hoping another family will decide to come rescue her. It has been almost 6 months, so very very soon she is going to have to tell the truth...that no family is coming to rescue Carlene...when that happens Carlene will be put in an institution...and it will be very soon. Once she is in the institution, she will never be loved on again and I think my heart is breaking. Please please please give some money to help Carlene as soon as possible. If her adoption was payed for, there would be a line of wonderful families who would go to Russia to get her. If you want to give money to save Carlene's life, just go to This is an emergency!!!!! God made Carlene because he wanted her to be a light to the world and she needs to be set free so she can be his light. We need to set his little light free so she can shine!

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