Monday, November 1, 2010

Thank You!!!

Tomorrow is November 2nd....Election Day! I am thrilled my campaign efforts end tomorrow, because I am exhausted from the hoop-lah!

I want to sincerely thank each of you for sticking by my side while I have waded through this uncharted, often storm laden, water. In running for State Senate as a write in candidate, I believe I have somewhat successfully taken a stand for not only Hope and Charlie, but for every special needs individual in the state of TN. Channel 5 and The Tennessean Newspaper were kind to run stories on my efforts and have helped me get the message out about restraint and isolation practices in our state. Hopefully I can be a part of a movement for more favorable legislation toward the special education students in the near future.

I will not be victorious in the eyes of many tomorrow when the announcement is made that Jack Johnson has been elected for a 2nd term, but in my eyes, I am a huge winner. Scared out of my mind, I managed to step out of my comfort zone to speak out for those who cannot speak up for themselves. I have been made fun of, heckled at, and chided by many....but through it all, I have kept the faith and have found the strength to stand.

Thank you again for being the truest of friends. You could have turned away and decided that politics was not of interest to you....but you didn't. May the Lord use this experience to draw us all closer to Him. May we come away more bold, and radical for the cause of Christ! It is all about eternity and standing before Him worn out, ragged, and disheveled, knowing we gave it all.

Sincere Love And Warm Hugs To You This Evening!


  1. No matter the vote's result, congratulations Melanie for bringing this bill to the attention of so many people. You have advocated so strongly for special needs students, students who often have no voice of their own.

    God bless you!

  2. Mel, I am so proud of you. Either way it goes, you've brought dignity and a voice to these kids. I said in my letter to my friends about you that it wasn't whether you win or lose, it was about letting Jack Johnson know that these kids are loved and wanted and valued! You've fought a good fight and I am so proud to call you my friend. And Brian will be home tomorrow, he's writing you in! :)

  3. I'm proud of you, girl! I thought about you when I voted here in NC. :)

  4. So proud of you Melanie! A job well done! No child should ever have to be locked up in an isolation room at school or anywhere else for that matter! Thank you for bringing this to our attention! I only wish I lived in Tennessee so I could have written you in!!!

    Barbie Huff :)