Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Buzz Words For The Day....with a hint of added sarcasm.

1. Dow drops over 200 points on Tuesday on news of "PIGS" (also known as Portugal, Iceland, Greece and Spain). Turns out, they are all headed toward financial ruin.

Wednesday, Dow is revived. Looks like Germany may be stepping in to do some bailing out. Yikes! What about 60% of the German population who are openly opposed to bailing out Greece? Oh yeh, if Germany DOESN'T bail out Greece (as the top headline read today): "Bye Bye, Euro".....or in other words, they will go down the tubes right along with Greece. By the way, I am hunting for the money tree and will let you know when I find it. It must be quite an impressive tree to have the remarkable ability to fund all of these international bailouts.

2. San Francisco's mayor banned all official travel to Arizona. Yeh, re-read that one. It is true. And get this: city councils in Washington, DC and Los Angeles are considering the same thing. (Question: Can they really do that???) The new Immigration Legislation in Arizona is absolutely getting alot of attention, but for the life of me, I cannot figure out why. There are so many illegal immigrants in this country....ILLEGAL. Arizona is trying to find them and hold them accountable for breaking the law. It is no surprise to the illegal aliens that they are breaking the law; they know it. They are also aware there is a way for them to enter the USA LEGALLY, but some are willfully choosing not to take that route.

I am ALL FOR immigrants entering this country LEGALLY. In fact, we have very good friends who came over in a boat from Cuba.....they earned citizenship legally. The children who came over on that boat are now grown and have grown children of their own. From this family alone, there are two lawyers, one Chief Financial Officer, a president of a large community college, a business owner, a Doctor of Education, an elementary school teacher, a bank officer, and a financial planner. They are bilingual, and they have a work ethic that never ceases to amaze me. This family would be the first to encourage immigrants to come to this country, but to come the right way, and to sieze everything this incredible, one of a kind country has to offer to all who are willing to strive to reach his/her full potential.

In my opinion, the danger of amnesty is this: the majority of illegal aliens in this country earn income that is below the level requiring an income tax. In addition, with citizenship, many would qualify for government assistance.....Amnesty would basically add approximately TWELVE MILLION new citizens who would pay no taxes and qualify for government assistance. Tell me, oh wise politicians, how can we possibly afford this when we are already drowning in debt???

Anyone who opposes amnesty or Arizona's new legislation is called a racist. Startling. Texas is considering jumping on board with their own immigration legislation. I guess travel to Texas will be banned too. When did a person become a racist for wanting to uphold the constitution......wanting to uphold the law.....and NOT wanting to bankrupt our nation??? And do state's rights even exist anymore? If not, where is the amendment that took them away, because I haven't seen it.

3. We may be sewing an extra star on the American flag.....looks like the government is wooing Puerto Rico toward becoming an official state if HR 2499 passes tomorrow.

4. Goldman Sachs.....creating an investment instrument designed to fail, offering it (even pushing it) to unsuspecting buyers while betting against it themselves.....and calling it "Risk Management". Say it ain't so. While it appears to be perfectly legal, it just isn't right.

5. Gulf oil spill is releasing up to 5,000 barrels of oil into the ocean daily.....recent reports estimate the spill is currently 39 miles wide and 48 miles wide. What will this mean for wildlife, and how will it be used to impact the war that has been raging against oil use in our country?


  1. Wow, I like how you think. Maybe you should contact Bill O'Reilly. I bet he would welcome you as a guest!

  2. Hmm...interesting thoughts about immigration. I never am quite sure where I stand on this issue. I live in Southern California, very close to the US/Mexico boarder, and I know MANY people who are illegal immigrants. My school has more illegal immigrants than anyone would care to say. As much as I want to be angry that they have disregarded the laws, I have also seen northern Mexico--seen the poverty that can often not be escaped. I've been on many mission trips to Mexico where I literally feared for my life because of the corrupt "law enforcement," and I know that if I had any chance to escape that--I would. The laws are complicated, and many people have no chance of ever becoming citizens. I have family members who are not US citizens, who have little hope of ever becoming US citizens because our country simply cannot grant citizenship to most of the people who want it. Our economy just can't handle it.

    Sorry to ramble. I guess it is just such a huge issue where I live because our proximity to a very bad part of Mexico. I agree with you that it definitely is a complicated issue.


  3. My complaint with the Arizona legislation is this: my girls are legal citizens of the US who happen to be hispanic (they are adopted so I am not). I am extremely unhappy with the idea that I could be stopped in AZ and asked for their documentation simply b/c they are hispanic. IMHO, we need to crack down on the businesses hiring illegal immigrants. If you make it ugly enough for them, they will stop hiring. If illegal immigrants cannot find work, they will not come here. The law is the opposite of innocent until proven guilty. It forces my innocent children to prove they are not guilty. Feeling this way doesn't make me a racist. It makes me someone who doesn't want to see the color of my child's skin impact what she carries in her wallet (which as you know is extremely valuable and difficult to obtain - the COCs and passports are locked in a fireproof safe here).