Monday, April 12, 2010

Hope Teaches Another Lesson

Where Can I Go From Your Spirit?
Where Can I Flee From Your Presence?
If I Say, "Surely The Darkness Will Hide Me...."

Even The Darkness Will Not Be Dark To You.....The Darkness Will Shine Like The Day.
For You Created My Inmost Being And Knit Me Together In My Mother's Womb.....Your Eyes Saw My Unformed Body.
Psalm 139 is one of my favorite verses:
A few weeks ago, I went to check on Hopey early in the morning. Instead of finding her asleep in her bed, I found her stuck inside a box of Huggie's diapers she had emptied all over the floor. The first picture shows Hope trying to hide herself from me; she knew what she had done was a bit mischievous and wanted to escape "the wrath of mom". Once she heard me laughing, however, the second picture shows her quite happy with herself and the trouble she had instigated.
No matter how Hope might try to hide from me, it is impossible. I love her too much and will pursue her to the ends of the earth if that is what it should ever take. In fact, I go to great trouble to watch over her at all times, even when she doesn't realize I am watching.....even when she thinks she is hiding from me.
If I love Hopey with a protective momma's heart, how much more must our Creator love us? Though at times we might feel like hiding from Him for a vast number of reasons, He is always looking on, always nearby, always ready to take our hand and help us out of the mess we have fallen into.


  1. She is soooo cute,love her :)
    P.S awsome post!

  2. We're so glad you're back, Melanie - we miss your posts when you're away!