Wednesday, October 13, 2010



If I receive 800 "likes" on my Facebook Community Page by Friday, October 15th: "Write In Melanie Hollis, State Senate" (shown on the right column), I will draw one of the names from a hat to win a $100.00 gift certificate to . They have a great store, and 40% of all proceeds go to feed the hungry in Africa (win/win for everyone!) So, if you haven't visited my facebook campaign site, do it today....and tell your friends to as well. When you get on the page, choose "like" and your name will be in the is that simple! Together, let's get the word out that it is the responsibility of the strong to defend the weak!!!

What am I attempting to accomplish? For me, every single time a person in my district (District 23) writes my name on the ballot on November 2nd, they will be writing in support of my disabled children and the disabled community at large. Every vote for me will send a louder message to our state senator: "Disabled school children do not need to be locked in isolation rooms when they are at school, they need compassion."

Yesterday afternoon, I officially began campaigning for State Senate. I am not a politician, so this is new to me. Have you ever stood on the side of the road holding a sign while waving at total strangers? It is an interesting feeling. Many people returned my wave, and some even honked their horn in approval. Score a few points for my babes. Thanks for your support!

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