Sunday, October 31, 2010

Take 5 Minutes To Stand For The Weak!

The article below was on the front page of our paper today! I am asking every person who is willing to take a five minute stand for the weak to type the following comment at the end of the article: "Disabled children should never be locked in isolation rooms at school!"

I am not a politician, but I have received a big dose of political "smoke and mirrors" during this process. For instance, Jack Johnson proposed a bill that can be read online at the TN State Legislature site by simply typing in SB2517. The bill (that has been tabled) very plainly states that it would allow educators the right to physically restrain and lock special education students in isolation rooms at school based on the total subjectivity of what teachers would consider to be "emergency situations".

The current TN restraint and isolation laws , proposed and successfully passed by Jack Johnson, allow physical restraint and isolation rooms for special ed students. Johnson's addendum (SB2517) proposed early this year would have added a LOCK on the isolation room door....basically making the school a prison cell and the teacher a police officer.

If you read the Tennessean article, however, Johnson states he is against restraint and isolation rooms. What???

PLEASE, consider taking the time to post a comment on the article. If our voices are heard, perhaps legislators will think twice before proposing reckless legislation that impacts the most vulnerable of our society. To post a comment, you will have to register (it is free and quick)...and you will be allowed to use a fictitious name as well. Scripture calls us to stand for the weak. This is an easy stand to make!

On behalf of little Hope and Charlie....Thank you!

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