Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy 16th Birthday To Caleb!!

The Hollis family has had such fun over the last several days....On October 7th, Caleb turned 16. After his football game on Thursday evening, we hosted a surprise party for him.....And he was definitely surprised! Chappy served as resident Disc Jockey for the evening spinning some beach tunes while the kiddos did some old fashioned "shagging" to the old fashioned music. Shagging is cool at every age, isn't it? (To be honest, some of the teenagers thought so, but others didn't!)
The following day, Friday, was Franklin High's Homecoming Celebration. At 10:30am, we gathered at the downtown square to watch the parade pass through one of the oldest towns in TN on a beautiful, warm sunny day. Excited teenagers filled the brick lined sidewalks while the marching band and floats passed by. Cheers literally filled the air! The Freshman float came in 3rd place this year (Caleb was hoping for 1st place since he had a couple of scraped fingers from stuffing tissue paper for hours last week)....and he shouted out a loud "Momma!" as the wagon loaded down with Freshman football players passed us on the street. Quickly, his sisters asked: "What about us?" Ha! Ha! I had to teach the girls a quick lesson on "who" comes first in the family pecking order with teenage boys---it's always the one who feeds 'em. Ha! Ha! The day ended at the Homecoming Game where Franklin High beat their opponent quite handily.
The chaotic week was capped of with the Homecoming Dance on Saturday evening.....Caleb's first official "fancy/schmancy" boy/girl dance! He took a precious girl he has been friends with since 6th grade, and they double-dated with some friends. Chappy and I were the drivers for the evening, so we decorated the "party van" and had a great time (we possibly had more fun than the teenagers!)

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