Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Check, Check, and Check

1. OK, I have successfully filled each member of my family's "love tanks" for the day. CHECK.

2. I read the first chapter of "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever" out loud for the kiddos this evening (and even though we have read it every year for the last 10+ years, we laughed our heads off.) CHECK.

3. Now, I want to tell you about someone:

Tyquan is a cute little boy and such a joy to be around. He is full of energy and a very affectionate child. He loves showing his love by giving many hugs. Tyquan has become quite the entertainer. He enjoys singing and playing the drums. He also enjoys watching his favorite TV program: "SpongeBob Squarepants".

Developmentally, Tyquan continues to make strides toward positive growth. He attends a local primary school and is placed in a special needs program. He is progressing in speech development, knowledge retention, and is very interested in learning new things.

Tyquan would add so much love and happiness to a family. He needs a forever family that can provide love, support and advocate for him.

Tyquan has Down Syndrome, and he is African-American. He has no other health issues at all. He has been tied up in OUR system for years.....tossed about from one foster family to another....promised a home to only have it yanked away through absolutely no fault of his own. He is precious and has become LEGALLY FREE FOR ADOPTION!!! His adoption costs will be very low, too.......Big Shout For Tyquan!!!


Do you know anyone who would be willing to completely abandon their heart to the Lord, jump out of their comfort zone, and give this little guy the best Christmas gift ever?

Do you know anyone who is so crazy in love with the Lord they would be willing to show Him their love by caring for "one of the least of these"?

Do you know anyone who is looking for a child who will ALWAYS call him/her his very favorite?

Who will love with every fiber that is in him?

Who will try harder than anyone you have ever met even though his body has some limitations?

Who will only see the positive side of life and never notice the negative?

Who will never know how to be angry?

If you do, please forward this post to them. Be warned, however, Tyquan's website picture is not the best. It is funny, but kids with Down Syndrome do not pose for pictures....you have to give them something to smile about before they will smile for you. If you say: "Smile", they just look at you as if to say: "Well, do something funny and I will be happy to smile!". Anyway, the person taking the picture did not work to make him look as cute as I know he can be. So, if you have the curiosity to take a peek, please do so with an open mind.

Tyquan can be found at:
http://www.adoptuskids.org/ and his case number is 90012797. He is 5 years old and is in the state of South Carolina. For very interested parties, I know Robin Steele (with the Down Syndrome Association of Cincinnati, OH) has been an advocate for him; in fact, she wrote an article about Tyquan in her latest newsletter. Her email is rsteele@zoomtown.com.

3. (continued from above) Told my friends about the best gift they could give and receive this season. CHECK.

"He predestined us to be adopted as his sons through the oppressed. Defend the cause of the fatherless......" Isaiah 1:17


  1. Oh he's adorable! He seems like such a sweetie!

  2. I thought I recognized that bio! My husband wont let me do anything until we get "little G" home. A very frustrating place to be to say the least. I was ready for little ones a LONG time ago. He is willing to adopt more than one but just wants us to get her home and see where we stand before we add more on our plate. plese keep praying for us! My husband told me to make a list yesterday.......

  3. Wow..I am always so blown away by your post. My husband and I have decided to adopt again. Our fourth child we adopted fro Guatemala and she has special needs. I've mentioned a few times to my husband about considering a child with Down Syndrome, unfortunately it is something he can't fathom right now. I pray the lord will open his heart to the idea. Please keep posts like these coming.

  4. gglynn73162@aol.comDecember 10, 2009 at 6:50 PM

    I'm hoping this is fate. I've been looking at Tyquan's profile on Adoptuskids quite frequently lately (I practically live on that site) and have wondered to myself if I have what is needed to take a child with DS. Then just yesterday while speaking with my neighbor, who has a special needs child, about my adopting again, she asked "Why don't you adopt a child with Down Syndrome?". I looked at his profile again this morning. Later in the afternoon I was doing some research on DS children I came across your site. I don't even know how. I was reading your page and as soon as I saw the name "Tyquan" I knew immediately you were talking about him and I had tears in my eyes wondering if it was just another sign. I have two adopted sons, ages 9 & almost 11, who have no special needs. I am finishing up my homestudy to adopt again and I'm approved to take up to 3 more children, including infants. If you know Tyquan personally, I would like to speak with you further to see if I can provide what he needs and to see if my family is a good fit for him. I've already sent an email to the address provided on the SC Heart Gallery. He's absolutely beautiful!