Sunday, December 13, 2009

Recital and Reflection Day!

Chappy and I were caught up in deep conversation today as we took a long walk after Lydia's violin recital. We wondered how many times a day most people spend thinking of others who are hungry, dying, or left as orphans. How many times have we driven into our garages without feeling thankful for transportation or a warm home to come home to? How many times have we prayed a prayer of thanksgiving before eating a meal and really felt thankful? We need to think more on these things.

When God sees us all together......I mean, the United States.....Africa.....Russia.....Asia.....what does He notice? It must be terribly obvious to Him, how some have been blessed with immense wealth and opportunity while others have been born into hopelessness and poverty that becomes a prison from which they will never break free.

Does he measure us, somehow, by what we do with what we have been given? by the way we utilize our blessings? Does He listen to us complain about a traffic jam while at the same time He watches a twelve year old African boy who will soon be left to care for his younger siblings because his mother is dying of AIDS? I don't know, but somehow the absurdity of my complaining about anything....ever....hit me today. And in that moment, I grasped true thanksgiving.

Lydia chose to play: "Oh, Come, Oh, Come Emmanuel" for her recital today. One of the verses has caught my ear: "Oh, come, Desire of nations, one the hearts of all mankind....oh, bid our sad divisions cease.....And be Yourself our King of Peace......Rejoice! Rejoice! Emmanuel. Shall come to You oh Israel."

What would our world look like, if for one moment, we all truly realized we are the same. Having wealth doesn't make one different from one who lacks. Having fair skin doesn't make one unequal from one whose skin is dark. If we could see each other as we are.....each one a magnificent creation of God.....each one His child.....His beloved....we would spend more time thinking about those of us who are hungry, dying, and left as orphans......our brothers and our sisters. Then, we would be moved to act. And the world would change:

"Love one another: Just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another." John 13:34


  1. Huge amen! Thank you for the reminder.

  2. claudine@orphanscry.comDecember 14, 2009 at 4:54 PM

    I do a lot of that "thinking" myself. It's an honour reading your blog. You have a beautiful family...with beautiful hearts.

  3. GREAT post...thank you so much. I needed to hear that today. AMEN!

  4. My daughter, Katie, found your blog and I'm so glad she did! You have touched my heart, encouraged, inspired, and motivated me to be a better mom, wife, friend. . .a better child of God. This post was beautiful and so true. Thank you for a beautiful reminder. Your family is a blessing to others. We hope and plan to do a "Crazy Love for Orphans" in Feb. to help fundraise for our 3rd adoption in as many years. The idea all began after reading your blog. Thank you and may God be glorified!

  5. Hi :) I was sent a link to your blog, though I think I have seen it before :) anyway, the person who went link said yall raised alot of money very fast for your adoption and thought yall might have some advise for us. We are fundraising like crazy to bring our son jeremiah home. Jeremiah has severe cerebral Palsy and needs to come home quick. Any advise is most wanted :)