Thursday, December 10, 2009


First: Lydia's final fundraising total is approximately $29,000.00. Money is still trickling in, and all additional funds are going to help the Hook family adopt Evangeline from Russia. The Hooks have started a blog, , to chronicle their journey to Evangeline. Check it out!

Second: We have received several responses about Lydia's "$100 for 200 in 2010" ministry project. People have joined in and are donating whatever they can.....some $100.00 per month and others $10.00 per month. Aren't you thankful God measures our heart and not the amount of the gift or the financial status of the giver??? Me too. I don't know how much we will raise each month, but through this experience with Lydia, I have learned NOT to put limitations on God or on the hearts of those who love Him.

This is the plan.....during the month of January, as a group, we will be donating to Sasha's adoption fund. Right now, he has $0 in his fund. We have close to 1000 hits on this blog each day, so surely we will get enough donations to give Sasha a great start. Here is how to do it:

1. Go to
2. On the home page, look for the orange section that is near the center of the page.
3. Click on the words: "Donate as a Gift"
4. This will take you to the "Gift Donation" page
5. Choose to donate by using a credit card through the "donate" button OR mail a check made payable to Reece's Rainbow to the address given: Reece's Rainbow, P.O. Box 4024, Gaithersburg, MD 20885.
6. If you use PayPal, you will be given an "option instructions" section. In that section, type that the gift is to be used for the "$100 for 200 in 2010" FOR SASHA . If you mail a check, just include a note that says the same.
7. Donations for Sasha should be made sometime during the month of January. I will keep everyone updated on the total donations monthly.
8. Print off a picture of Sasha and place it on your refrigerator for the month. Each time you open the fridge, say: "Father, bless little Sasha".

Sorry to be so lengthy with instructions, but I know I will get questions and want to try to be as thorough as possible. Your donations will be tax deductible.

Try to imagine this time next year....if we are able to successfully come together each month to give money to an orphan through Reece's a group, we will be able to look back at twelve lives that will be forever changed because of our gifts. Who wouldn't want to be a part of this? Every penny you give will go straight to Sasha.

Our family is in for the $100.00 each month. Chappy and I are covering $50.00 per month, and the kids are doing chores to earn their part of the additional $50.00 per month. They want to be able to have ownership in the gift, and we are thrilled to encourage them in experiencing the blessing that comes through giving their hard earned money to help others. I think the experience is even more rewarding when you are helping someone who is unable to help little Sasha.

If you want to see the little guy, and I know you will, just go to and click on the waiting children button. Next, choose "children with Down Syndrome, 0-2. Then scroll down to find Sasha (the adorable blonde wearing the red, blue, and yellow jumper).

Father, bless our efforts and our gifts.....and provide a family for little Sasha. Thank you for teaching us the joy that comes when we serve You by caring for the least of these.


  1. Sasha has such a sweet little face! I also like the idea that there are at least four other children available at Sasha's orphanage. Someone may feel led to adopt another child along with Sasha since it is only an extra $4,000 (or so) additional cost!

  2. I can't seem to find your post where you asked who was interested in sponsoring each month so I hope it's okay for me to post here. I can commit to $50/month. I am so excited about what you're doing and so blessed by your family and especially by Lydia and her faith.

    paradisefound2001 at gmail dot com

  3. I just love little Sasha. What a cutie! I'm really excited to see the "$100 for 200 in 2010" ministry in action.

    Amanda - Adopting "Little One"