Monday, September 28, 2009

We are back!

We just returned from our weekend getaway. To us it was more of an escape. On the way down, we all agreed we would put Hope's surgery out of our minds and focus on having a great time together. Thankfully, we were successful. When we returned home this evening, we were overwhelmed by the emails, cards and letters that greeted us. Thank you to all who have shown such an outpouring of love to us. Truly, your prayers are being felt. As a family, we feel revived and ready to fight for our little one. Now, more of the story:

"Shhhhh.....she is very quiet", was all Father said.

He leaned over the crib, lifted little Hope into His arms, looked into her slumbery face and rocked her gently as He sang: "This little light of mine....I'm gonna let you shine.....This little light of mine.....I'm gonna let you shine....." He hummed the rest of the tune as He moved Hope onto His chest, tucking her tiny head up under His chin and onto His right shoulder. Bouncy brown curls hung over His left hand that was being used to brace her unstable neck. He swayed back and forth while kissing her soft chubby cheek. The only sounds in the room were Father's song and Hope's gentle snore.....totally relaxed in the arms of Her Savior.

Father motioned for the twelve to follow Him into the next room where He found a comfortable place to sit on the sofa with Hopey. He propped His feet up on an ottoman and told the others to find a seat. In a hushed voice, Father began:

"All of mankind will be marked. Angels and demons will see the marks, but they will not be visible to humans. Those who choose My path will bear My mark.....and Enemy will mark those who have chosen him".

"I would be willing to bet Enemy will have no use for those who bear his mark. However, he will wreak havoc on those bearing Your mark, Father," John thought out loud as he rolled his eyes in disgust.

"On the contrary, Enemy will work diligently to make sure the lives of those who bear his mark are ones full of worldy pleasures. In fact, that will prove to be one of his more successful strategies".

The house was quiet and the room dark except for the glow of the full moon and stars that were shining through the windows. A fluffy cat with white paws padded into the room, jumped onto the couch to sit close to Father and began to purr. Father, still cradling Hope, removed a hand from Hope for a few seconds to pat the cat and then continued:

"On the special ones, like this little one sleeping in my arms, I place a visible mark for everyone to see. You remember when I removed them from the others in the heavenlies to speak a special mission over them, don't you?"

The twelve recalled the words they had heard Father speak over the souls He had removed from the others. It hadn't made any sense to them then, but maybe it was all going to make some sense to them now.

"The special ones will have a distinguishable look.....charming almond-shaped eyes will be the most readily identifiable quality."

"All of the angels have almond-shaped eyes, too, Father," spoke up John.

"So they do. I love your eyes", Father beamed.....obviously pleased with His creation.

"Come to think of it," John snickered with the realization that had just dawned on him, "little Hope kind of resembles an angel".

They all shook their heads in agreement with smiles.

"In a way, she is like an angel. I'm glad you noticed the similarity", nodding toward John, "Angels were created to serve Me and show My glory. The special ones are created for the same purpose. But, dear ones, they are not angels. They are completely human; they simply have a unique calling. That is what I want to explain to you now."

Father took time to explain how mankind would not be created equally.....some would be given strong healthy bodies while others would never walk......never see.......never hear.......never speak. Some would grow to adulthood, marry and have children of their own while others would never have the ability to live independently. Some children would even die.

"But Father, why would you create imperfection when your standard is perfection?", Thomas asked.

"Oh, Thomas, I did create them all perfectly before calling them to their specific tasks. Think back to when you watched me remove the chosen souls from the souls of the others. Before removing them, they were just like the others. From the multitudes of created souls, I chose the ones I would set aside to call my special ones."

"I'm not sure I would want to be one of the souls who is called out to be 'special' ", remarked Peter, "I believe if I were human, I would want to have a very strong body and a strong mind. I wouldn't want to be handicapped in any way. Somehow it doesn't seem fair that the inflicted must live among those who are not inflicted."

Father looked down at Hope who was still resting peacefully in His arms. Thoughts flooded His mind.......the trusted obstetrician who had suggested she be aborted, the uncertain childbirth where Hope came dangerously close to death, her first open heart surgery when the respirator became plugged and her heart stopped completely, and now......a third open heart surgery only days away. While everyone, including His angels, saw a weak body and a slow mind, Father saw a soldier......a soldier with a bright smile.....a soldier that kept getting up every single time she was knocked down. And then He cuddled her even closer to Himself.

(To be continued.....)

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  1. One day this will be bound and printed to encourage many thousands! Thank You, Lord, for giving my friends a GREAT time! All Glory to You, LORD, who is WORTHY, WORTHY, WORTHY...