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Day # 12....More of the Story!

John of Judah was first to speak; he raised his hands to his face and moaned, “No…..Father, no. Please tell me this is not what is to come in the future!”

"Watch" was all Father said.

For what seemed like an eternity, the twelve stood with Father and watched the scene before them. Some cried, other just shook their heads in unbelief. Their minds could not wrap around the scene in front of them at this moment. Finally, Father broke the silence:

“I don’t operate in future, present, and past, John, I live in all times and all dimensions at once. For me, this is just as current as our discussions in the assembly earlier. This is a means to an end and it is what must happen to bring about My plans”.

Thomas was next to speak: “How do you deal with this? How are we to deal with this? I have never witnessed such violence and hatred, and it is against You!”

“We must join the fight and save Father! This moment, it is up to us to make this right!” Peter was pumping his fists and screaming his words after getting over the initial shock of seeing Father hanging on a wooden cross.

“You will all be a part of this time, Peter. You will be a part of all that is to be. Do you remember when I told Thomas I had named a special human after him and chose Thomas to be his guardian angel?”

They all nodded.

“I have done that for each of you. The twelve humans that are named for you are my students during my time on earth. Each of them remind me so much of you. Look, there you are John. You are standing guard over my disciple, John, while he is comforting my earthly mother at the foot of the cross”.

“Oh, my Lord”, John sobbed, “this is too much to bear. Why are You on the cross, and why aren’t the angels coming to Your rescue?”

“I want to fight for you, Father, can’t I?”
cried Peter with more anticipation and emotion than he could hide.

“Stop Peter, stop and think. The angels are not standing around the cross choosing not to rescue Me. They are obeying my authority. During this time, each of you will obey My authority as well. Surely you know I could save myself if I wanted to. My purpose and goal in this time is death. My death. I came to earth in the form of man to have fellowship with man, to live among My children, to teach them, and to remind them of My promises. I also came to die for them.” As Father spoke the words, the earth quaked, and the Savior on the cross, who was also Father, dropped His head. “They need me, and My love for them runs so deep, I am willing to give all of myself for them.”

“Why not destroy Enemy and His legions once and for all? Without Enemy, your children would never turn away from you”, remarked Thomas, though his eyes were still on the scene before him…..Father hanging limp on a cross.

“Thomas, do you think I did not know one third of my angels would turn from Me and follow Enemy? Do you think I was caught by surprise?”

“So you created them to fall away from you?”, Thomas asked out of complete confusion.

“Goodness, no. I created all angels with the capacity to make a choice…..follow Me or follow your own way”, even Father was now looking at the cross before Him. He saw His earthly mother, Mary, weeping and holding his feet in her hands. “I put that same power of choice into mankind, my children”.

“But why, my Lord?” Thomas asked the question in a shout that startled the others eleven angels standing with him.

“If I created angels or mankind without the freedom of choice, I would never experience true worship, love, or relationship with those I create. Think of it this way, Thomas, if you love me because you have been created with no other option, then you haven’t really loved me”.

In this moment, the angels began to learn something brand new about the One they served. Before them, they watched a display of love they could never have imagined. He had given all He could give……for love.

Thomas, voice trembling from the understanding that was now washing over him, said aloud to no one inparticular: “Without Enemy, there is no choice”.

“Beloved, walk with me three days into the future and let me show you a picture that will take the gloom off of your angelic faces”.

The twelve closed their eyes once again and followed Father three days into the future. When they opened their eyes, they could see and hear a new scene before them. Father was in a room, alive and well! They each felt immediate relief. Their bodies relaxed, they hugged one another, and even laughed out loud. Once they calmed down, they stopped to listen:

“Go ahead, Thomas, my disciple and friend, touch my hands and my side….it is really me….I have risen”. Eleven of the twelve angelic leaders laughed as they looked toward their counterpart, Thomas of Gad.

“Father was right, Thomas, the one you will stand guard over, Thomas the disciple, is very much like you”.

“Shhh, Peter!”, said Thomas, “listen to what is happening….Father has returned to life! This is a most inappropriate time for jokes.”

The room where the disciples were now standing, speaking with their risen Lord, was very plain and simple, but it was filled with such incredible light from Father, it became a place fit for royalty. It was as if the walls and floor knew the King of Kings had arrived, and chose to decorate themselves in worship, taking in Father's light and splashing it all over the room. The disciples couldn't seem to see the light, but they, too, were covered in it.

Trying to make sense of anything that was being spoken in the room was difficult, because all of the students were speaking at once. Father, the risen Lord, patient as ever, was smiling and attempting to answer each question. While the others were intently watching the scene, John of the angelic tribe, Judah, walked over to Father:

“How did you return to life?” John whispered as he put his arm through the arm of Father’s, pulling Him close to himself, “We watched you die just a few moments ago”.

“There are so many things you have yet to learn about me. Be patient, and remember, My ways are not your ways”.

John again, pleading to Father this time: “Could you try to help us see?”

The twelve angelic tribal leaders heard John's plea; they gathered around Father to listen.

“I’ll explain, but I’m going to need your full attention”. No longer in the room with Father and the twelve students (called disciples), the angelic leaders found themselves on a beach, seated around a fire, planets of all shapes, sizes and colors dipping, spinning and bobbing overhead, and an ocean of water splashing onto the shore. Father was seated with them.

“Now”, He said, “this is better”. And in the quiet of the ocean setting, with a gentle breeze blowing around them, Father began to speak:

“I am Creator of all things. I am and have always been; I was not created, and there is none other like me. Before I create, I set rules, or limits, for the thing I am creating. I never go against My Own nature, so once these rules are established, they are for all time. For instance, in the world you have been shown, man walks on the ground. Man is held down by gravity, which I created. This is the rule that is set in place, and I will not change it. If man is to go from one place to another, he will be bound by gravity. You, however, are not bound by that rule. You have been given the ability to transport through space and dimension. That is the rule I established for you, and it, likewise, will not change.”

The light from the fire flickered onto the faces of the twelve gathered around Father. No one stirred. They wanted to take in every word Father spoke:

“You will be a part of creation story I have just shown you. Soon, the earth, which you have seen inhabited by Enemy and his followers, will become something new and wonderful. Man, crown of the earth, will be given charge of everything that is living on the earth. Man will also be given a list of rules to follow. These rules are not intended to bind man or deny him, they are meant to instruct him on how to have an abundant life. Blessings have been set in place to be poured out on those who follow My ways; conversely, consequences have been set in place for those who choose not to follow. I am fair. I do not make my children guess how to live, I instruct them, teach them, and send them help when they ask for it”.

Father searched their eyes to make sure they were following His words. Pleased with their attention, He continued:

“Enemy has also been given boundaries. Over time, as humanity progresses, he will figure out the powers he may use and the limits he will have. For instance, he is not allowed to bring a great deal of evil upon one of mine without coming to ask my permission first”.

“Father, why would you allow Enemy to bring even one moment of evil against any one of your children?” John interrupted.

“Hmmmmm.”, Father sighed. “That is a very good question, John, and I am glad you asked it. I will answer your question with a question. How does a man grow and mature to become all he can be without trials and temptation?”

“To me, it would seem man would love you more and have a more abundant life without being plagued by Enemy”, Peter added.

“Actually, quite the opposite is true. If given a perfect world, without trial and temptation, man would begin to think of himself as god. He would never have the need to lean on Me or to seek Me out for answers to his questions. The world, then, would be full of self-indulgence, pride, and worship of oneself”.

Father paused for a few moments, gathered another piece of wood, and placed it on the fire. He then continued:

“To put things simply, I have created two paths for man to follow, My path or Enemy’s path. Contrary to what man might create in his own mind, there is not a third path. In every thought, decision, word and deed, a path is chosen. Each moment of a man’s life is truly monumental. He will make many mistakes as he proceeds through his life, but through those mistakes, as long as he turns toward Me and seeks My path, he will grow. Through growth and maturity, he and I will have relationship. Will it be difficult? Of course. It will even be difficult for Me. No parent wants to watch their child make mistakes or get hurt. But it will be worth it in the end, when all that is to come has finally come to pass. What need not be overlooked is that I will be with man always. Throughout this time, man will never be alone. I will be the shade on his right hand”.

(The story will continue……..)

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