Friday, September 25, 2009

Found a Computer!!! UPS Store....YEH!!!

I am thrilled to be in sunny Florida. After two weeks of solid rain and gloom in Franklin, TN, the sunshine is literally like a great big dose of "joy juice". Loving it and drinking it in! We even met two new prayer warriors today on the beach. After watching Hope attack the waves for an hour, they offered her a float. She, however, preferred attacking the waves......not running to them then running away from them.....running to the waves, getting knocked down by them, laughing and running into them again......over and over and over again.....mouthfuls of salt water, hair covered in sand, but managing to keep her glasses on. Hilarious. Amazing that God would put us on the beach at the same time with a couple of His praying saints? Amazing that God would put me in a library in Clanton, AL with a prayer warrior? I'm beginning to see a pattern.

For Hope, I want to blog for the full 30 days. So, when the "mother board" on our lap top crashed yesterday, I felt pretty defeated. Again, the Father has provided. I have had to use a bit of imagination and make more of an effort, but He is going to bless it all. I know He will. So, all the things the enemy has thrown into our path lately.....a leaky upstairs bathtub, a leaky downstairs shower, a broken kitchen faucet, a neighbor who is complaining to the homeowner's association about Hope's Love Shack, etc.......all of that junk the enemy throws our way to try to get our focus off of the mission.....prayer.....isn't going to work. God just keeps adding the praying warriors. He knows our needs ahead of time and provides! Praise Him! We're marching in the sand.....

More of the story:
Father spent several moments thinking of all of the human race He had created and chosen to call His own. Some He would gift with musical abilities that would rival even the most heavenly sounds made by the choirs of angels; and others, He would gift with architectural skills to build great mysterious pyramids, modern sky scrapers, and even ornate castles on secluded islands. Some would become doctors, others teachers.....some missionaries, others farmers. The many unique giftings He had in store for His children were too immeasurable to count. He looked forward to beholding man's creative uses of them.....another chance to use their "free will".

The twelve watched Father closely and instinctively knew He was thinking of His children. They were growing accustomed to the sparkle in His eye when they were on His mind. They still had so many questions, one in particular. Andrew was the one who finally asked:

"Why do you have to die, and why are your children the ones who betray you?"

Father answered: "I know how troubling it must have been for you to see me hanging dead on a cross....but it is necessary for you to know. And although this will be difficult for you to believe, Enemy actually falls right into my trap when I die on the cross. Everything that is to happen has been perfectly ordained by me. Remember, nothing catches me by surprise....not even my own death on an old wooden tree".

Father reclined back on His elbows, looked up into the vastness of space that surrounded them and began to explain:

"Because man was created with free will, he was created with the propensity to choose his own way over mine......sin. My standard is perfection, but this is a standard that is too high for man to attain without Me.....but it is important for man to learn this lesson on his own through trial and failure.....this way it sticks."

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