Monday, September 21, 2009

Day #10.....The Story Begins

I have a story to share. I would like to believe the story has been given to me by the Father. I hesitate to say I know it has been given to me by the Father, because in telling the story, I do not want to offend Him or any other Believer in any way. Nonetheless, I intend to share the story.

This journey is not easy. I have good hours and bad hours instead of good days and bad days. Sometimes I feel so close to God I get caught up in my trust toward a Father who only gives good gifts to His children.....things that are best for them. In that excitement, I "faith" Him completely and find praise easy. At other times, the demon of dread comes slinking in around me, taunting me, reminding me. These times are difficult, and during these times, praise is not so easy.....praise becomes more of an act of obedience.

This blog has offered me the opportunity to chronicle the 30 day journey to Hope's open heart surgery. In the next several days, I plan to write the story that is on my heart into this blog. It is a story of Hope, but the readers will have to wait to see how our little Hope ties into the tale. With that being said, here is the beginning:

Once upon a time, in another dimension, thousands of years ago, before earthly time and space, before day and night, when only the mighty warriors, called Angels, had been spoken into existence by the Almighty, a special race of those who would eventually become “human” was established. The establishment did not take on body form in the beginning. The spirit was formed first.

We enter this dimension, not called a day since day was yet to be set down, when the Almighty, affectionately called “Father” has called a formal assembly of the leaders from each of the twelve Angelic Tribes: Gad, Asher, Benjamin, Simeon, Judah, Naphtali, Issachar, Zebulun, Joseph, Reuben, Dan, and Levi.

The first two to arrive were Thomas of Gad and John of Judah.

“Have you heard, John of Judah, what we are to expect to learn at this Assembly?”

“I’ve only heard Father has formed something new and spectacular that will confound the wisest among us”, John answered, “but will ultimately play a role in bringing about His ultimate plan for all that is to be”.

“Dear friend, what could confound us any more than what we still are unable to understand? At the last Assembly, when Father showed us the souls of those he calls man, I became most worried and concerned. I can’t fathom how He manages to know the millions by name. There are so many. I worry chaos is to come as soon as His plan is set into motion," replied Thomas in a most uncomfortable manner.

“I have no trouble understanding how Father recalls them by name, Thomas, after all, He remembers each detail of all He has created. I, on the other hand, cannot perceive why He created the souls with the free will to choose whether they will love Him or hate Him. One third of the angels have already turned their backs on Him and have fallen to the Enemy. Surely He doesn’t expect any more from the souls of the ones He is planning to call Man. Once those souls are joined together with the bodies He is molding for them, our true battle will begin.”

While they were still speaking, three other Angelic Leaders, Peter of Zebulun, Andrew of Issachar, and James of Asher entered through the illustrious crystal gate that led into the area called the Assembly. The colors of purple, pink, and yellow penetrated through the crystal gate and shined exquisite light throughout the Assembly.

Of the three, Peter of Zebulun spoke first: “Thomas of Gad, did I overhear you correctly? Are you doubting the acts of Father again?”

“Like you, Peter of Zebulun, I am a follower of YahWeh, I but I still have occasional doubts. I find it difficult to believe God will be able to manage the millions He has created when it is their time to enter the new world that is to come.”

“But Father is powerful, all-powerful. And He is perfect. His plans are also perfect. If He has established it, it will be so. We must believe Him at all cost or we will be no better than those who have fallen”.

Before Thomas of Gad could reply, the trumpet sounded the Assembly into order. This was the customary signal used to announce all twelve leaders had completed their travel from the twelve points of the universe and had successfully gathered into their seats. All were seated, that is, except the five who had been too busy in conversation to notice the arrival of the others.

With haste, the five took their seats along with the others. Every seat in the Assembly was identical, except for the name each bore; each chair was engraved with one of the twelve tribal names. The seats, made of pure gold by Father’s own hands, had also been fashioned with 3 symbols. In times past, when the angels asked the Almighty what the symbols were, He simply replied:

“To the left is a lamb…..for I am the lamb. To the right is a lion…..for I am also the lion. In the center is a cup……for many will drink of me, beloved, and never thirst again”.

Having never seen a lion or a lamb, the angels did not ask any other questions. They loved their chairs and cherished the gift that had been hand-made for them by their Father. To them, no other object held as much value.

A hush fell over the Assembly as the presence of God entered the place before Him. Through the gate and down the aisle the Creator of the Universe marched, and onto His throne, before them all, He took His seat. As He passed those gathered, they stood to their feet, heads held high. When Father took His seat, they each bowed to one knee, dropped their heads and clasped their hands underneath their chins. With one voice they sang:

“Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty”…. Their voices filled the Assembly as they sang and worshiped their King. The gathering of the twelve had seen the Father on countless occasions, but meeting Him again was always an emotional event filled with many tears of gratitude, hearts full of love, and adoration beyond compare.

After the worship, Father called the Assembly to order. To an angel of small stature standing toward the back of the assembly, the Creator called:

“Jesse, the Assembling of this moment has officially started. Please enter the notes of this meeting into the Book of Knowledge of the Future”.

Then, turning to the leaders of the twelve Angelic Tribes he said: “Beloved ones, please rise and take your seats”.

Jesse, the angel of records, had been waiting patiently with pen in hand for the order to come from Father. Carefully, and with great reverence toward the contents, Jesse removed the Book of Knowledge of the Future from the special chest that all the books of God are kept in. Keeping records, Jesse’s only job, was what he enjoyed doing more than anything. To serve Father gave him joy without measure. As Father spoke, Jesse began to write:

“My beloved, it warms my heart to see each of you gathered here in this moment. Before we begin the meeting, I want to say how much I adore every single thing about each of you. You serve me well. I think of you constantly.” And, God began to cry. “I am God, Creator of all things, including love; however, even I cannot adequately express with words the love I have for each of you”.

Even though the angels experienced this outpouring of love from Father each time they saw Him, the Words spoken by God to them filled them with great passion. As one, they lept to their feet, jumped up and down with arms raised and shouted their love back to the Father. They each said different things, but God heard each word and took it all in as one takes in the fragrance of a flower. He closed His eyes and allowed Himself to breath in their love and praise offerings to Him until He was made full.

With a nod and warm smile, the Father lifted His arms. In response, the twelve took their seats, faces still beaming from the experience they had just had with their great lover, eager to know the secret God intended to share with them:

“Beloved, I have gathered you together from the twelve points of the supreme universe to unveil a plan to you. This plan involves each of you and many from your tribes. This plan involves space and time, and will climax by impacting the lives of the souls you were shown at our last assembly. It all begins……..”.

At this same moment, in yet another dimension, in a place far distant from the Holy place of Father, another was listening intently as the Almighty spoke. This being was also god and ruler. He made no physical movement as he darted his eyes to the one seated to the right of him. In a whisper, almost as soft as a breath, Enemy spoke: “Write down every word He says”.

(To Be Continued)

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  1. Melanie-
    My name is Brooke Mabry, my son Joshua is in Ms. Ammons class with Hope. We just love lil Hope to pieces. Hope was the first person Joshua has ever talked about from school. I am so broken for you and your family. I truly wept reading this beautiful blog. Hope is one of the most beautiful little girls I have ever seen. I just wanted to let you know that I will be praying for Hope now and the on October 12th. I am going to spread your message and your blog to everyone I know. I would love to serve you family in anyway possible (a meal, etc.) Please let me know anything I can do. I want to thank you for sharing your precious Hope with us.
    Brooke Mabry