Saturday, September 19, 2009

Day #7...A Message From Hope

I'm a little girl with quite a story,
Made in Father's image for His glory.

Many would say I'm just a mistake,
but no accident does my God make.

He allows me to see things that most don't see,
Beautiful angels are all around me.

My first smile must have been a big deal,
The angels shouted when they saw it....they did, for real!

When I took my first steps, of course they were there,
Holding me up with most tender care.

I dance, and they love to come dancing with me,
We spin, raise our hands, setting our spirits free.

With my family, I bow my head to pray,
The angels know what my heart wants to say.

You should believe me; these things you should know,
Psalm 91 will tell you it is so.

Your prayers I have seen with my very own eyes,
I know the prayer is coming when the messenger flies.

First, to God the prayers are brought,
He saves them in bowls in a special spot.

Then He says to the messenger, "Go right away",
"Tell Little Hope my power is coming her way".

Then "BOOM", His power enters my space,
It makes me wanna run all over the place.

The power of God is a wonderful thing,
Peace, Healing, and Knowledge it always brings.

So thank you to all who are praying today,
God is using your prayer in a most special way.

To touch my spirit and boost my heart,
Manifesting His plan.....He's made me a small part.

The bigger part of His plan involves you,
Through my imperfect body, He's showing something new.

Faith can move mountains, and grace covers all,
But from these two things the "Kingdom Secret" falls.

The secret was written by the great Author above,
A big Romantic He is......He created love.

When you take the time to love the lowly like me,
You warm our Lover's heart a million degrees.

"Whatever you do for the least of have done it for me!"

I Love You All!!!

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