Thursday, September 24, 2009

Enemy is such a jerk!! Not going to let him get us down, though!

This weekend is our wedding anniversary, so as a family, we are getting away! When we return, we'll have 13 more days until Hope's big day. I wish I had time to list the things that have gone wrong over the last few days, but I don't. None of it has been accidental. Enemy is trying every sneak attack he can muster to use against us. He will not succeed. This morning, we packed our laptop to take with us so I could keep in touch with all of Hope's praying warriors. It crashed. It is completely fried. Wouldn't even turn on. So, here we are, on the road, using a computer at a library in Clanton, Alabama. It took us forever to find a library, and when we got here, there were 3 people ahead of me waiting. Each could use the computer for an hour. Guess what Father did? He provided. The librarian ushered me back to use one of the employee computers....just so I could write all of you today. Turns out, she is related to the folks at Shuff's Music in downtown Franklin. She is like a part of home. What Enemy intends for evil, God turns around for good. Thank you, Lord!

I want you to know that we are wearing our Battle Attire----knowing the battle is going to increase as we draw nearer to October 12th. With all of the prayer warriors at work, Enemy will surely call for more warriors of his own. Thank you for continuing to pray. We know what he wants.....Enemy always wants to steal, kill, and destroy. Father, He is the One I am standing with.....trusting Him completely to carry us. Because my time on this computer is limited, I'm only going to add a little more to the story. I will try my best to find another computer once we arrive at the beach. I am praying the time away does everyone good.

Here goes:

"John was eager to ask a question, and God knew it, so He stopped talking, turned to John and said: "Ask whatever you will".

"You said you will be with man always....throughout his life. Does that mean man will see you and talk with you the way we do?"

"Of course it does", Peter spoke up, "Man will see Father the way we do----right, Father?---you just saw Him with His twelve students".

With kindness, Father raised His finger: "Just a minute, Peter. Do you remember the limits I told you about earlier? One of those limits that I have put into place is that man will not be able to see Me and will rarely hear My voice. This part of our relationship will be called FAITH. I plant a piece of Myself into each human, I set rules in place that cannot be altered, I choose Prophets and teachers to teach man about My ways, I show Myself through the miracle of creation every day, and I speak to all who will hear Me through love letters I give to them. Man will call My letters, The Bible. I will woo them, and call to their hearts constantly; many will come to me. Once they belong to me, once they have surrendered their free will to Me, nothing will ever be able to break us apart".

As Father spoke of those who would choose Him, He could see them all in His mind's eye....though not yet "created" physically, they were very real already. He knew them all by name, their likes and dislikes....every detail. So great is His love for them.

(to be continued)---I typed fast....only had a few minutes, so forgive typos.


  1. Hello Melanie,

    I truly believe in divine appointments! I'm also a firm believer in the fact that God has a purpose for everyone he places in your path.
    It was great to see you guys in Panera last week. That was the first time Clay had seen Chappy since the Covenant School days. We were so thankful God gave us an opportunity to hear your story and the privilege to join you in prayer. Our entire family will stand with you during this difficult time! What an amazing testimony you guys carry! I can't wait to see what God has in store. We are believing for a miracle for sweet Hope!

    Dana Whitehurst

  2. Father God, I pray for rest, peace, joy, fullfillment and rejuvination for Chappy, Melanie and their children. I bind the enemy from them during this much needed time away. I loose your precious HOLY SPIRIT to minister to their hearts and souls. May they RELAX in your arms and laugh...

  3. Had I known you would be in Clanton, I could have had you stop by my aunt's office to use her computer. She has been following Hope's story since before there was a blog and there are good Southern Baptists all over AL praying for Hope because of her! :)

    Sister, I love you, I love your heart, I love your kiddos, I love your journey, and I love that you are letting me walk it with you. Please relax and have a great weekend celebrating your sweet marriage! I am praying and wearing my shield and sword too! I wish I could drive it right through the heart of that _ _ _ satan. But I know that is an honor that the Father is very much looking forward to one day! Oh don't you know that He would love to slay him on Hope's behalf!

    By the way, I want to tell you that I find it very profound that Down Syndrome occurs as often as twins in "nature". What that says to me is that we have been viewing Down Syndrome wrong all along. Down Syndrome is a "defect" by worldly standard, but I think it might be something God bestows as a special honor in Heaven. I'm thinking that maybe Hope doesn't speak because she knows some secrets that the rest of us don't know and it's just too much to communicate! I know for sure that she's closer to having it right than most of the people I know!

    I love you sweetie!