Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Eleven More Days.....

I thought you'd enjoy seeing a couple of photos from the beach.....

Tonight ends the story I have been sharing......for the next 10 days, we will be in celebration mode. We intend to celebrate Hope's life with a "BANG" each and every day. She can't even fathom the fun that is getting ready to hit her little life. Her brother and sisters have been busy planning some pretty crazy stuff! But now, for the rest of the story:
"Peter, I want to answer your comment regarding your opinion that it might not be "fair" for the handicapped to live in a world with those who are not handicapped. First of all, you must know that I do not create the human race to be "fair". I create with one sole draw all men to me. Second, for the "special ones" that will ironically be called "handicapped" by ones who are actually spiritually handicapped, I choose only souls who have a predisposition toward serving Me recklessly.....ones who love Me with abandon."
And to make His point even stronger, Father shifted His entire body to face Peter straight on.
"I choose only the ones I know will count it as an honor to live as a "special one", My most feisty angel, "Do you even know the reward that will be awaiting them in the Kingdom that is to come?" Then, looking down at Hope with eyes full of emotion, Father said: "The reward that is awaiting these that are so very precious to Me is so supreme it is inconceivable to even you....their recompense transcends anything you have ever witnessed or considered. The first shall be last in My Kingdom that is to come......and the last will become first".
Father proceeded to hug Hope tighter and tighter as He spoke about His love for the "special ones" seemed as if she might "pop" from all of the squeezing. Finally, her eyes opened wide, she saw Who was holding her, and she wrapped her arms around His neck and giggled with glee. Father spoke so tenderly toward her, "That's right little soldier, you are fighting a good fight. I am so proud of you!" It was obvious Hope knew Father quite well.
Father plopped Hopey into His lap and looked down into her gigantic green eyes. "Hope, do you have any idea how successful your four year old life has been?"
Father's words spoke directly into Hope's soul.....she understood with clarity every word He was speaking to her:
"Your daddy hear on earth......he thought he had the world by the tail until you came along, little one. He is now learning how to lean on me .......because of you! And your mommy, she is quite a story......she thought she had Me all figured out and was ready to push her "religiosity" onto anyone who would listen. Your entrance turned her life upside down. As a result, she threw out all of her head knowledge and is finally seeking me with her heart".
Hope took in every word. Her short chubby fingers holding tight to Father's:
"Your brother, Caleb, and your sisters, Lydia and Natalie, love deeper because of you. They readily welcome all people with disabilities into their lives without question. Your grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins....they have been changed too. They whole-heartedly pray with renewed faith.....for you! But Hopey, what will really surprise you, is this:
Father removed His hands from Hope's tiny fingers and placed them on her head. Immediately, Hope was filled with a vision of the hundreds of men, women, and children who had prayed for her during her four years of life. She could clearly see each face and hear each and every prayer that had been lifted to the Father on her behalf.
"I'm saving all of them, Hope, each and every prayer, in beautiful heaven".
And little four-year old Hope, with her extra-chromosome and all of the "abnormalities" that go along with it, began to feel those prayers. As the prayers flooded her soul, she raised her hands up as high as they would reach, lifted her eyes up to Father's and laughed a heavenly laugh. She just kept laughing, and Father joined in. For the benefit of the twelve angels who were seated in the room with them, Father opened their minds and allowed them to "see" the hundreds of prayers pouring over little Hope. And all twelve became believers in God's plan for the "special ones" in that moment. They saw the miracle with their own eyes, and understood how God was planning to use the weak to confound the wise. It would happen, and it was going to be great!
Finally, after the final prayer had completely covered Hope, Father took her little hands and put them down by her side. Then He delicately took her head and returned it to His shoulder. Within seconds, she was sleeping soundly once again.
"This one, beloved, goes into battle every day with a smile on her face and joy in her heart." He patted her back, stood and walked quietly over to her crib in the adjoining room. He kissed the top of her head, "You keep marching little soldier.....Father loves you so much", then he placed her in her crib. He found her favorite blanket and covered her body, then found Elmo to tuck beneath her arm. Standing over her bed was the proudest parent in the universe, so pleased with His little one, taking time to allow every detail of her face to imprint in His mind. He walked away and joined the others.
"It is time to return....." And before He could finish the sentence, they found themselves standing before the mysterious door once again.
"You have now received all of the knowledge you needed before the war of Earth ensues. Be warned, there is a blood-thirsty demon named "Molech" who will seek to brutally kill all of the "special ones". One of Molech's strongest forms of rhetoric will be called "freedom of choice", and it will be carried out through a dangerous weapon called "abortion". Once Enemy realizes the "special ones" are not a mistake, but actually an important part of My plan, he comes after them with a bitter vendetta."
And with that last remark, Father announced:
"Jesse, go get the books and get ready to write, the time has come at last!"
"And you, Mighty Angels who lead the twelve angelic tribes from the twelve points of the Universe, go gather your warriors, develop battle plans, and be passionate about the souls of man. Keep in mind that man can only see a small part of the whole picture, so be patient. I am very much involved in all of "The Happening" and am with you always".
As the angels began to depart, Father swung the door wide open and shouted with so much force the Earth trembled:
"LET THERE BE LIGHT!!!".....the battle began that day.
As Father's light entered the earth, bringing what was once dead to renewed life, He sang: "This little light of mine, I'm going to let it shine.....let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.


  1. How BEAUTIFUL! May we all SHINE today for the Father while praying for sweet Hope and her amazing family! Love you all! Sarah H.

  2. Wow. I am just blown away by this post! I loved reading the whole story. Thank you so much for sharing it with all of us. I am so looking forward to reading about what Hope's siblings are planning for her for the next 10 days!

  3. Thank you for sharing such a great faith. I work with Jenny Elkins, and she shared your blog page with me. I have shared it with others, as well. I just spent some time reading your entries from the beginning...tears streaming down my face by the end of it. I had the joy of meeting Hope, along with you and your other children, last year at Prospect Elementary. She is truly a piece of sunshine. I'm praying that all will be well with her and all of you as these next 10 days unfold. Thank you for opening your heart with us during this journey. Be blessed!
    Tasya W.