Tuesday, November 24, 2009

$11,500.00 and still counting!

Lydia, Caleb, Natalie, and some neighborhood friends painted candy canes from 1pm until 6:30pm today. WOW! For those who don't know the story, a neighbor has cut out and sanded candy canes for families to put in their yards to show they are donating to the Darya Project. Awesome idea??? I think so too. Many hours of time and effort for a little orphan with Down Syndrome. Only God can do stuff like this.
Lydia's deadline is drawing near. You think she is getting concerned? As I am typing, she is in the foyer playing chase with Hope. Hope is squealing with delight. Nope, no worries. Lydia is still "faithing".
I thought it might interest you to know where the donations have come from....so for fun, here goes:
FL ...Florida
NY...New York
SC...South Carolina
NH...New Hampshire
NJ...New Jersey
NC...North Carolina
NM...New Mexico
Washington, DC
British Columbia Canada
(Forgive me if I left anyone out!)
If you are counting, half the states in our country have been represented in the Darya Project!!! 117 people have given....add that to the kids at school who bought the baked goods, the neighbors who bought baked goods, and the 20+ who came to the car wash.....200 people have given something to bring Darya home.
Today we received a $10.00 donation from a college student who doesn't have a job but wanted to give all she had on hand to give.........another family gave $500.00. A HUGE difference between the two gifts in the world's eyes, but not in God's eyes. Both gave what they could from hearts that are full of love and hope. Both gifts are needed to reach the $20,000.00 goal.....and both givers were selected by God. He is the One who is prompting the outpouring....even the unexplainable love for Darya is coming from Him. Does that stop you in your tracks? It does me.
Only eight days ago, she was a forgotten child. Today her name has been spoken by thousands. In twelve hours today, we had 2,000 hits to our blog. THIS IS CRAZY LOVE!!! The Darya Project makes no sense to a society that is often plagued by the "What Can You Do For Me Disease", but it makes perfect sense to our heavenly Father and to those who belong to Him. And through acts like this, maybe the world will be saved. That is my prayer....I know it is yours too.
"Let your light shine before men , that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven." Matthew 5:16


  1. I have just posted your story to my blog. I seriously want to be just like Lydia when I grow up!! (I'm 40!) I have put several links to your blog within my post and it is my fervent prayer that Lydia's appearance on TV on Thanksgiving morning is to tell the world she has every last penny and then some. I will continue to post this on facebook and as I said earlier I have also emailed my entire list and told your story...Darya's story...God's story. Isn't God just glorious??? We have adopted a little girl from China and now are dreaming of children in Ethiopia. I have been so scared about money but Lydia is teaching me so much about how little faith I have been demonstrating. Thank you Lydia. YOU are MY hero!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you want to read about how amazing I think Lydia is please go to www.thestoryoflilly.blogspot.com and read my lastest post.

  2. Iam praying hard that Lydia reaches $20 000! Please post the link to your blog of Lydia's TV apperance if you can.
    God Bless,

  3. I commented on an older post but wanted to make sure you got it. I don't see your e-mail address anywhere. I would love to contribute 50% of my profit from blog designs ordered in honor of Darya to Lydia. E-mail me! DirtAndLace@gmail.com.


  4. I too am keeping this link on my facebook status. Still praying!

  5. Cori told me about your site. I have now posted it to my blog and tomorrow I will figure out what I have available for $$ to send. (I got home from work nearly at midnight, and I need to get some sleep tonight, but I won't forget you.) I hope readers on my blog will see the link from my blog to yours before Thanksgiving. (I assume, however, that $$ coming after Thanksgiving will also be welcome!)

  6. Can't wait to see what God does!!!

  7. So great to meet your wonderful family last night! Hope's hugs made our stop by even sweeter :) God is showing up so BIG and we are so glad to join in on this journey!

  8. I am just so amazed but then I shouldn't be, considering the God we serve. Still every aspect of this story touches me in a way I can't explain. I've posted it to my facebook plus I have sent the link personally to most of my facebook friends. I am still trying to think of ways to get Lydia's message out to others.
    Rita B (from GA)

  9. We found your blog today through our blog friends, the Doves. I gave Lydia a blog award, please check it out. God bless you and your walk of faith! We have also posted on our blog about your fund raising and our FB pages to help spread the word! Jen & Shad from NC

  10. Yeah, keep up the hard work Miss Lydia. I am so, so proud of you and all that you have accomplished.

  11. claudine@orphanscry.comNovember 25, 2009 at 9:55 AM

    I am SO excited for Lydia I can barely stand it! May she NEVER lose that faith we should ALL have! What a blessing to see. I've sent this info to everybody I possibly could think of. PLEASE try to post a link to the THANKSGIVING news clip. Miracles are happening...as I type...

    "He is FAITHFUL to ALL His promises and LOVING toward ALL He has made."

    PS - I found out @ you thru Sallee's Poppy Dip site. Never met her, but LOVE her...and her heart for orphans...and her amazing sewing ability!!!

  12. SD.... South Dakota! You can add it to your list and we will continue to pray with you on this exciting journey. I love Lydia's faith and know this is growing it even bigger.