Monday, November 16, 2009

$143.00 Success...

The car wash fundraiser was a success.....the kids charged $5.00 per car and earned $143.00 in two hours! GREAT JOB!!! Every penny will go to help "Darya", one of the waiting children with Down Syndrome who is in an orphanage in the Ukraine. You can see a picture of Darya if you go to

What does a fifteen year old boy think about constantly (besides girls)? Yes, all of you moms who have raised teenage sons, you answered correctly: "How can I totally freak out my mom today?" Caleb found one of our hairbrushes that was in great need of cleaning (look at Lydia's long hair and figure out whose brush he raided). He tore out the hair, shoved it under his armpit, found me busy cleaning my bedroom, rushed in and asked in a very worried sounding voice: "Mom, is there a problem when hair is only growing under one armpit?" Look at the picture above....THAT is what I saw when I turned around.

Have a good day..... and remember to laugh at your kids and with them too!

Thanks to all who have ordered a copy or two of Hope's book. So far, over 50 have sold, and I'm shocked! Remember 100% of the proceeds go to Amazima Ministries and Reece's Rainbow Waiting Children.
(Chappy is flying to Cape Town today.....I'll look forward to sharing with you when I get an update.)

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