Friday, November 20, 2009

Answering Your Questions....

I have had a flood of questions today, and I am going to try to answer them here.

First, your gift to Reece's Rainbow is a tax-deductible gift.

Second, if you email me, I will send you my home address where you can mail a check made payable to Reece's Rainbow.

Third, I have set up a paypal account, so you can put a donation on your credit card! Check out the sidebar for the Donate to the Darya Project button!

Last, PLEASE feel free to share Lydia's project with everyone you know. We are honored that so many are passing the word to family, friends, and churches. Thank you!

Today has been another day of donations flowing into the Hollis home like a flood. Again, I am amazed. A fifteen year old boy baked 71 muffins and sold them to earn $135.00 to give to Darya today. A student from a local private school asked her parents to drive her to our house so she could give Lydia all of her savings this evening in person, $40.00. And when we awoke this morning, $200.00 was taped to our door. Unbelieveable? Yes. Crazy Love? Definitely!

This morning, the local Fox News Channel called to request a live interview on Thanksgiving morning for Lydia to publicly announce her earnings. THAT will be a big day for her.....only 5 days away.

Imagine Lydia, eleven years old, marching into that live interview to tell all of Middle Tennessee that people (mostly strangers) have donated $20,000.00 to save an orphan with Down Syndrome who lives in another country in only 9 short days. I think people would be in total shock. But Lydia wouldn't be surprised in the least. Excited, yes. Surprised, no. She is totally expecting to receive all of it by Thanksgiving just as she has prayed. I know I wrote that detail yesterday, but I want to make sure it is sinking in. The child REALLY, TRULY believes with all of her heart that God is going to provide this money by Thanksgiving morning for Darya.

In Lydia's mind, she has already pictured the following scene and has played it out in her mind a hundred times:

It is early Thanksgiving morning. The orphanage workers are getting ready for their usual routine....changing diapers, feeding babies, and mopping floors. However, the routine of the day is broken by a phone call from America. The news comes that a little orphan has a family coming to get her. The worker has to be told two or three times exactly WHICH baby, because she can't believe an American family would want the little one with Down Syndrome who is in the corner crib. Finally, she realizes yes, it is Darya this family has chosen. The worker hangs up the phone, and following the instructions she has just received, she walks over to the crib, looks down into big brown eyes and says: "Happy Thanksgiving, Darya, you have a family now.....and they are coming to get you real soon."

Do you sense my doubt? Is it because I am cynical? Is it because I have lived for 41 years and have more wisdom and experience than my eleven year old daughter? OR is it because I lack her faith?

I am on the Lydia bandwagon like many of you. Part of me really wants to see God do something THIS BIG!!! I wonder what this would do for Lydia's ask God for $20,000.00 to save an orphan by Thanksgiving.....and then to receive. I wonder what this would do for your faith and for my faith.

Father, show us Your glory. Give us a Thanksgiving miracle so we can all rejoice and proclaim Your marvelous love for "the least of these"....for Darya, Your precious little girl. I believe.....forgive my unbelief. I praise You, Lord!


  1. Never under estimate the faith of a child...
    I hope you do get a paypal button up, i would love to be able to give a little. (I don't have any credit cards, but i do have paypal)

    What an absolutely BEAUTIFUL heart your daughter has. You must be so proud :)

    ps I'll be watching for the button. if your friend can't help you, please email me and I'll walk you through how to do one. It's very easy.

  2. Melanie,

    We discovered your blog through Ondrea's who we discovered through Gwen O's. We would love to help Lydia, she is an inspiration! Please send me an address where we can send you a check. Our email is


    Susan Paris

  3. He has already done something THIS BIG! It is done. The word is spreading and HIS work is clearly afoot.

    I am in Ohio. My friend who is in Georgia told me about what was happening with Lydia - sent me the link to your blog. I was so inspired that I mailed you money yesterday. Until this week I had never heard of Reece's Rainbow. I don't know you or know anyone that knows you.

    My point being - it seems to me His work is done here, regardless of whether the total on Thanksgiving day is 20K or 10K - the Lord and the world are working to give Darya a family .... yours.

    Perhaps I too lack faith. Perhaps these musings are because I am in my 40s and I know how much 20K is and what it would take to raise that amount of money in 9 days.

    Please post the link for the channel Lydia will be on Thanksgiving morning. I would love to watch from afar if they have a live feed.

  4. Afterwhat has happened with the finances with our adoption I can tell you that GOD CAN DO IT!He owns the cattle on a thousand hills. It all belongs to Him we are just channels for it to flow through.