Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Duct Tape Anyone???

Chappy and I are going out for the day to gather supplies for his trip to Africa. In addition to making sure his toiletry items will meet the FAA Guidelines and will also pass through customs when landing in Africa, we will be picking up Duct Tape. I have included video of the Black Mamba snake, because he is the reason for the Duct Tape. There is a chance Chappy and his travel companions will be spending an evening out in the bush near Kruger National Park where the mission organization has an orphanage. If so, they will use duct tape to wrap their clothing securely around their bodies and also tape any openings in the nets that will be used to cover them to prevent the Black Mamba from slithering in and biting them in their sleep. I've got one question: "Who's going to be sleeping?"

P.S. Thanks to a professional blogger friend of mine (Ondrea), I now have a map below. I would love to see where people who are praying for little Hopey live. The gratitude I feel thanks to your many prayers overflows my heart.


  1. Can't bring myself to watch the video.... will pray for extra strength duct tape! Sarah

  2. So happy and excited for dad !!!!!!
    I don't think dad will be sleeping at all(haha I would not be able 2 sleep eathier).

    LOVE Squidmonkey( Lydia)

  3. Could have done without the snake video! LOL
    Can't imagine being safe around that, even with duct tape! Please take plenty, but I bet you won't be getting much sleep!