Sunday, November 1, 2009

Quick Update

This will most likely prove to be a busy week around the Hollis household:

1. Monday, I am sending my book off for publishing (remember all proceeds from the sale of the book will go toward ministry/missions) and I am meeting with Hope's pre-school teacher about arranging homebound speech and occupational therapy for her until she is released from the cardiology team and allowed to return to preschool;
2. Tuesday, Hope has her cardiologist post-op visit where we will learn the cardiac team's plan for following her "love balloon";
3. Wednesday, cousin Amy is coming over to watch the kids so I can go with Chappy to purchase some necessary items for his Africa trip;
4. Thursday, Chappy is out of town on business for the day, so mom's in charge;
5. Friday, Chappy and I have planned a much needed overnight get-away (more details later);
6. Saturday, Chappy and I will be taking our big kids out for a "date" to dinner and for a night of swing dancing at a local church fund-raiser;
7. Sunday, we pack Chappy for his 2 week Africa trip and say our good-byes;
8. Early Monday morning, November 9th, my precious husband travels across the globe for mission work.

Whew, I get tired just thinking about it! And in the middle of all of the things listed above, the regular routine of life must go on too, of course......homeschooling, violin and guitar lessons, Charlie's therapy, housework, etc.

In preparing for Chappy to leave, I want next week to be PERFECT! One of the things I am planning to do is cook some of his favorite meals. One of his favorites is a soup I accidentally threw together one night several years ago, and I simply serve it with cornbread. I am going to make it tomorrow evening, and for all of you cooks looking for an easy crockpot recipe, here's one for you to try:

soak pinto beans overnight (you want enough to fill half of your crockpot, so the amount really depends on the size of your pot)

Add the following to your crockpot and cook on low all day long:
1 lb. of cooked turkey sausage (crumbled)
frozen or fresh corn ( approx. 2 cups)
1 small onion chopped
large can of whole tomatoes
8 oz can of tomato sauce
pinto beans
enough chicken stock to fill the rest of pot
chili powder to taste

Next post will be a Hope cardiologist update. We are praying and believing for GOOD NEWS!!

"I am the Lord that healeth thee". (Exodus 15:26)


  1. Mel, praying for a non-eventful, great report kind of week. PLEASE let me know if I can run any errands for your or drop the kids off at Shuffs or school. Love,

  2. I'm sorry Mel, I thought Chappy was already gone to Africa. I will continue my prayers for him and pray for a good and informative report for Hopey!! Hugs