Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Snake and a Cat....

Yes, Caleb about jumped out of his skin when he pulled back the shower curtain yesterday and found the rubber snake Chappy had left for him. Hilarious. The snake had quite a busy day after that. He showed up in the girls' sock drawer to scare poor Natalie and in my bed last night (poor me). When the covers were pulled back.....well, you can imagine, can't you??? Let's just say Caleb is in a "little bit" of trouble.

I heard from Chappy at 1:30am; they had landed in Amsterdam and had a 2 hour layover before leaving for Kenya. He should arrive in Kenya at 1:30pm today (8:30pm Kenya time).

My night went downhill from there. Our 10 year old cat, Cassie, who is like a person in cat fur, decided she wanted in my room at 3am this morning. She pounded and pounded on the door (not difficult when you are a 25 lb. cat) I finally got up and let her in and jumped back in bed. Fifteen minutes later, just when I was about to doze off, she decided she wanted a drink of water from the bathroom (Chappy usually fixes her a cup of water and leaves it on the tub each evening.....I don't....so I forgot). As a result, she started banging her plastic cup all around the bathroom floor. I was determined NOT to give in to her, because afterall, she is a cat and should use the water bowl upstairs instead of expecting her evening bathroom "cocktail". God made man to rule over the animals, I thought, and she needed to learn her place. After several minutes went by, however, and the sound continued to get louder and louder, I gave in! Back in bed again, finally, I could rest. I had just gone back to sleep when the cat woke me a third time at 4:30am. This time, a neighbor's cat was in our window and Cassie was attempting to destroy the "enemy cat" by destroying our wooden blinds.....that seemed to be her plan anyway.....pow! pow! pow! (Chappy usually leaves the blinds slightly open at night because the neighbor's cat comes for frequent visits....I don't.....so I forgot).

So, tomorrow evening, after giving baths to the babies and getting everyone tucked in bed, I will remember to keep the bedroom door cracked for Cassie, fix her a cup of water and leave it on the bathtub rim, and open the wooden blinds slightly just in case the neighbor cat shows up again at 4am for a good fight! I guess the cat's in charge afterall.

On a positive note, the African food last night was FANTASTIC!!! The kids and I ate it all....even Hopey loved it!

"And God said, "Let us make man in our own image, after our likeness, and they shall rule over the fish of the sea and the fowl of the heaven and over all the animals....." Genesis 1:26


  1. I can just SEE that whole scene in my head! We have rabbits (who think they are dogs or other such creatures... anything but rabbits). They get to roam during the day and have huge cages that they sleep in. Well our youngest bun has decided to train himself (CIA style) to escape from his cage, torment our other bun, and come all the way up the stairs (might I remind everyone that this bunny is all of 6 inches and maybe 1.5-2lb)to reek havoc on the kids in their sleep.... at 2 am of course... sigh. I feel your pain.

  2. I read your blog through LA Bender. I had to laugh at this post as 2 of my kids are Caleb and Lydia also and we were even in FL the exact week you were for OUR anniversary too....but today I realized your cat has MY name!!
    Enjoy seeing Hope's living testimony to my prayers and many others! I taught children with Downs before becoming a homeschool mother of 6 so they hold a special place in my heart!