Monday, October 12, 2009

2nd Update

Hope has successfully been placed on the lung by-pass machine, and the surgery team is now working on her heart. I cannot bear to allow myself to picture what she must look like right now, so I'll paint you a picture of what she looked like this morning when we brought her in....our four year old on the Vanderbilt Hospital runway: At 5:30 am, Hope was sporting the latest in Sesame Street Fashion: hot pink flannel p.j.s covered in smiling red elmo faces.....the crowning touch was a large hot pink bow that topped the curly brown pony tail on top of her head. Adorable. Lord, please protect our baby girl, and bless the surgeon's hands as he carefully begins to repair her little heart.


  1. I can't begin to imagine....

    I am sure it must help to totally focus on the beautiful images of your Hope right now....I wouldn't think it would do any good to have a picture of the O.R. in my mind....

    Thank you for taking the time to update all of those who are praying....


  2. You all are in our prayers. I feel so blessed that a chance meeting at Cool Cafe I had the honor to meet you all and your precious Hope. Thank you for sharing your beautiful baby and family with me. Dana Sowell, Franklin, TN

  3. Praying in MN. Hope is such a beautiful girl, what a joy she must be to your family.

    Jodi Lewandoski

  4. Praying, Praying, Praying. Lord please be with Hope and be with the surgeons as they go through this procedure.