Sunday, October 25, 2009

What is "Normal", anyway???

Life's no longer "normal",
But brimming with new-found fun;
Every day is unalike,
With my Special Ones.

Heaps of pursuit and therapy,
Have only just begun;
Still toting and changing diapers,
For my special ones.

Mealtime is oft a challenge,
You see, neither can be outdone;
Food is playfully thrown everywhere,
By my special ones.

A total joke is discipline,
No need to become undone;
For life is always a party,
For my special ones.

Learning time, I suggest,
Answered with hugs for everyone;
They'd rather love than do their work,
They're the special ones.

Placed into chosen families,
A gift from the Son;
Bringing boundless joy to share......
Sometimes more than your heart can bear.....
The special ones!

At the end of each day, Chappy and I sit around the Great Room with our older children to have prayer, Bible Study, and a "family meeting". During our time together, it is amazing how frequently we talk about Hopey and Charlie, often remarking how incredible it is to be loved so completely by them, and to in turn, love them so completely. Our cup truly runneth over.....they are little treasures....there is nothing else in the world like this gift!

"And I will give you treasures hidden in the darkness----secret riches . I will do this so you may know that I am the Lord, the God of Israel, the One Who calls you by name." Isaiah 45:3


  1. I am amazed that precious Hope with the long incision on her chest can sit there so joyfully with that big smile on her face! She does indeed exude love. Wish I could be there to be on the receiving end of some of it. I thank God she is doing so well. Blessings to you, Hollis family. May you live long, in good health and prosper in all the things that really matter. Love, Lois
    P.S. How adorable are the pictures of Charlie and Hope. I love that you are sharing. L.

  2. Beautiful words and beautiful children....

    Your writing continues to inspire me and warm my heart....I am so thankful that little Hope is coming along so well....Aren't we fortunate? Colby turned 25 yesterday, and I posted some "birthdays past" photos...The time just flies....


  3. How beautiful and I know how much you mean those words. Love, love the cute. Hugs to all of you.