Wednesday, October 14, 2009

8:35pm.....Wednesday Update

What a day! Our day began very early with a recommendation that we get an MRI as soon as possible to determine whether Hope still had a part of the aneurysm left in her heart. The urgency being that the aneurysm could be unpredictable and might need to be dealt with.

Throughout the day, we received at least 3 completely different opinions about Hope's condition from 6 different cardiac experts. The opinions were as varied as: "She still has an aneurysm that needs to be dealt with" to "I don't think it's an aneurysm at all, but possibly swelling/tissue from post surgery trauma"......"She needs an MRI right away" to "The MRI will be a waste of time and put unneeded stress on Hope"......"The aneurysm is very serious" to "I don't think the aneurysm is going to cause any issues even if it is still there".......etc. At many points during the day, we felt like screaming: "HELP!" As parents, we want to make the best possible decision for our little Hopey......however, we will be the first to admit we are ill-equipped when it comes to medical/heart knowledge. We certainly aren't doctors!

At 6:30pm, our lead cardiologist came through the door and put everything into new light for us. He was a God-send! I told him all of the opinions we had been receiving throughout the day, and how we were feeling pushed toward the MRI by many, but nervous about Hope having another procedure so soon after surgery. He laughed, pulled out his pager and said: "You think you have gotten alot of opinions today, my pager is FULL of messages from people in this hospital telling me what they think needs to be done with little Hope". Everyone wants to care for our is really very sweet.

His answer to us was that we do not need to make a decision right now; and he does not feel this is an emergency situation. He encouraged us to get Hope home, allow her to recover, and then we'd talk about the MRI in a few months. PRAISE!!!!

Hope's heart situation is fairly complicated and involves more than I can go into here. During the chaos of getting so many differing opinions today, Chappy and I were able to stop and think about what we would be willing to put Hopey through. We agreed wholeheartedly that for right now, the little thing has been through enough, and we will trust God with the rest! Three heart surgeries in four years is alot......for now, it is plenty.

So, with excitement, we are planning ahead to Hopey's "Welcome Home" party which may be very soon. We can hardly wait! Wanna join us???


  1. I'm still thinking about and praying for all of you. I'm really glad to hear that Hope is coming home soon! I would love to go to Hope's Welcome Home party if I can.

  2. From Lacy and her family,
    We are and will continue to keep you all and Hope in our prayers. I am so glad you all got some relief at the end of the day. Hope is apparently a very strong little girl. Hopefully she can help keep you all strong. We had some relief at the thought that God is the Divine Physician and life really is in His hands .....when we received conflicting info. with Jude. Hopefully that can give you some peace too. We will continue to pray for you all. Many prayers, Lacy Downer and family

  3. You are such an inspiration to me. While going through so much, you continually give God praise. I have been trying to follow Hope's little life for many months. I have her picture hanging in my office at work with a note attached for people to pray for her and her family. It saddens me to see all of you going through so much but I know that God is with you every step of the way. Watching your family and how you have handled this precious child has increased my faith so much. I see God working in your lives and others as well and I know that everything will be well with all of you. Each one of you have to be wonderful people and God chose well when he put Hope in your family. May God continue to bless each and every one of you.

  4. I heard of your story one day before Hope's surgery, and I've been praying for her ever since. I am so happy to hear of God's providence in Hope's life and all of the answers to prayer. I'll keep praying for her recovery.

  5. Not sure if I could but how cool would it be to come hug yours and your sweet families neck and see little miss Hopey!! Meet the family myself and so many others are praying for. How far is Franklin Tennessee from Nashville? Are you at a hospital in Tennessee? My husband and I are coming to Nashville to visit friends this weekend, just wondering how far it is from Nashville to where you guys are?

  6. Melanie-I know you all have to be beyond exhausted, but thank you so much for the updates. We all want to know how we can specifically pray for Hope & you & the family. Yesterday was quite a day! Praying today is not as stressful & you all can get some rest. I will have to tell you sthing sweet. We have spent so much time checking your blog this week that at any point of the day the boys & I just burst out singing "I will trust in you". So we are ready for Hope's welcome home party & we will be ready to join lots in singing our praises to God. Love you all-Love, Stacey,Neil,Parker & Payton Miller

  7. I can't imagine what has gone through your get all of those different opinions and be tossing ideas and issues back and forth in your heads all day...very stressful. I am so glad that the lead cardiologist has put many of this to rest and you can make plans to take your little girl home to recover from all of this and move forward from there. The ultimate cardiologist...the ultimate Healer..has a plan too. He is in, yesterday and always. Put all of it in His hands and let him guide you. Easy for me to say and harder for you to do, I am sure.

    My prayers will keep coming as well as MANY others who are following your lives on this blog. Thank you for letting us be a part of this wonderful blessing that God has bestowed upon you, your family and most of all...Hope. It is so incredible to see God at work.


  8. Getting nervous.. haven't had an update in too long. praying everything is still progressing and for pain relief!

  9. Still praying for your little angel....

    I can only imagine the added stress of differing opinions....

    I folded Colby's hands under his chin tonight as we said our prayers, and he grinned when I mentioned Hope...I actually called her "Hopey", like you do....I think he liked the sound of that....



  10. For the comment above regarding how far is Franklin from Nashville... Franklin is only about 30-45 minutes south from downtown Nashville. Its a quick drive on the interstate all of the way!
    Melanie- we are praying for Hopey. The enemy was coming against y'all today in the form of confusion. But thanks be to God that you continued to keep you eyes focused on Him and waited on the Lord before making a decision. I pray that God will continue to speak to you through the darkness on a daily basis! Praise God that Hopey will be coming home soon!