Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ode To Hope's Glasses

She rips her glasses off her face,
When she's flustered, quick as a flash;
Across the room to begin my search,
I hurriedly make a mad dash.


They have landed in mashed potatoes,
Hit the back of our heads in the car;
Were almost flushed down the potty,
Have been stuck inside Lydia's guitar.


In the fireplace they have been hidden,
Deep in a toy box, beneath a chair;
Even thrown into a garbage can,
Thank goodness I thought to look there.


So full of smudges and scratches,
How on earth can she possibly see;
Please don't let the dog chew them again,
Is my nagging, but earnest plea.


Only if you have a young one in glasses,
Can you fully, to me, relate;
For the day Hope learns they are not a toy,
I can hardly wait!


"Open my eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of your law."
(Psalm 119:18)


  1. Hope you silly girl. You need to keep your glasses on your face so you can see better. Plus you are so cute when they are on.

  2. Too funny! We have the same problem in our house. The places I have found those glasses, oh my, our girls are creative. :-)

  3. Glasses glasses where are those glasses?(haha)
    I'll never forget turning our house up side down looking for those glasses!!!!!

    LOVE U
    Lydia Hollis :)