Sunday, October 18, 2009

"Hope's Love Balloon"

With every beat of her four year old heart,
A balloon escapes from the weakest part;
The walls are thick on either side,
But Hope's Love Balloon does slyly divide.

It's called strange and unique....a mystery,
For another like it, there is no case history;
Is it life threatening? No one knows for sure,
As of this moment, there isn't a cure.

Typically balloons are used for celebration,
This one, however, comes with much tribulation;
Even though we see it not with our physical eyes,
It's abiding presence in our lives, we cannot deny.

Is God big enough to be utterly involved?
Did He ordain....purpose...or is He somehow absolved?
Is the balloon a result of some hidden sin?
To admit my struggle makes me feel quite chagrin.

Once again, an unyielding choice must be made,
Armor on, sword ready, can't let Enemy invade;
Standing in faith for what we believe
Trusting God's Power Hope will continually receive.

Could He deflate the balloon and toss it away?
Cut the string and let it fly at break of day?
For certain He can, and I pray He just might,
Though if He doesn't, it is still alright.

A choice I have made, and I will not be shaken,
By God little Hope has not been forsaken;
This is all part of the path He specially designed,
When He first formed the thought of Hope in His mind.

So, steadfast, will I march toward God's unknowable call,
Determined to seek stand and not fall;
Hope's "Love Balloon" will accompany me wherever I go,
Placed inside my little one, to remind me, He is in control.

I am honored to be both Hope's mom and nurse right now....she is tired and sore, but she continues to push through with lots of smiles and hugs. Oh, how we love our little girl!


  1. Still praying for you and youe Hope! Your poem is beautiful and so is your faith in God, and your love for your family.

  2. Melanie, I perceive your poem was written out of the despair you feel in your heart as Hope went through all of this and still did not come out completely whole. I know, for I write poetry, too, and sometimes it is easier to express our feelings that way. One thing I must say, no, no, no - Hope's balloon is not the result of some secret sin of yours. I know you don't really believe that is the way of our God. I have been guilty of asking the same thing when I did not see healing come to me after praying so diligently. Questions like that come from our own feelings of unworthiness. Jesus paid the price for us and we became righteous through His sacrifice. Therefore there is no question of unworthiness. So put your mind at ease. Let your anxiety go and continue to trust in God as you have so beautifully done through all of Hope's life, even from her conception. All of us who love you and your family will continue to lift up prayer for Hope. She is in God's hands and He will never fail you. You continue to inspire all of us who have been on this journey with you. May the miracle Hope deserves be forthcoming as we all continue to pray and trust God. May her recovery be swift and as pain free as possible. May your peace and strength be supernatural. Blessings to you. Lois
    P.S. Please share some abaout your little adopted boy with Downs Syndrome. How do you find time to care for him with all that has been going on with Hope? L.

  3. Melanie...This is simply beautiful....You have such talent with your words....

    I, too, have had my moments over these 25 years of Colby's life where I ask God if my son's suffering is because of something I have done....I am of the belief that this is a normal fear we humans deal with from time to time, no matter the strength of our faith....

    I am so relieved to hear that things are coming along OK at your house....I can only imagine how hard it is to take care of your sweet little patient, along with the baby and all the other children! You ARE Superwoman!!! Try and get some rest when you can...I am sure y'all are still worn out!!

    I will continue to follow your blog...I hope you will continue to write....


    Cyndi Wilson