Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bubble Wrap Bonanza.....4 days and counting

Tonight's celebration included taping bubble wrap to the floors in our great room, kitchen, and entry way. Hope (and the big kids) stomped all around popping with each step! Isn't that every kids dream??? They enjoyed it so much, we decided to leave it down through tomorrow too (at least until all of the bubbles are popped).

Also, we met with the surgeon today at Hope's pre-op appt. We didn't learn anything new; however, he drew a picture of Hope's heart condition and then described (on our level) what he intends to do during surgery.....his "plan of action". Thankfully, it made some sense to us.

Finally, Sunday will mark our very last "March for Hope" around our house. 30 days have flown by. We will be marching at 6pm on Sunday evening if anyone wants to join us. We will end the march with a prayer for our baby girl.....thank you, again, for all of your many prayers.....we continue to expect BIG THINGS!!!


  1. Gosh, that looks like fun (the toilet paper wrapping too)! It was good to read that the surgeon was able to clarify a bit for you about what he intends to do.

    Still praying for Hope!!

  2. Praying and marching! I love all of the amazing fun things y'all have been doing. What a wonderful family!

  3. My heart is with you today, tomorrow and always. I am praying for you Hope.