Monday, October 12, 2009

6pm update

I cannot even express how good it feels to be sitting next to Hopey as I type this post. After surgery, she had an issue with bleeding......completely under control now. She is still on the vent., but the docs plan to wean her through the praise! Her blood pressure has been a bit erratic......getting it under control by trying different meds. She puckered up her bottom lip and pouted a few times, which tells me she is ready to be held and babied......cannot wait! She is still hooked up to a million tubes right now, but soon.

I have to admit, I really did give Hopey to the Lord. After 30 days of marching, I had actually come to a point where I was ready to accept HIS will......whatever that meant. I am thrilled beyond belief that HIS will is for Hope to not only live, but have what looks like a speedy recovery. I would be elated to be out of here in only 7 - 10 days! The nurses remind me that we are still in "Critical Care" with alot of balancing left to do, but I have a peace and assurance. My answer came from the Lord today.....loud and clear. My baby is coming home healed and whole.

I'll be by her side all evening. New rules in Critical Care.....I don't have to leave her for shift change. So, I'll update as I have a chance. Thank you all so much for your prayers. I know, without a shadow of a doubt, each and every prayer was needed for Hope today. Those of you who prayed mightily for our girl, you were called for that purpose. Some day, in the Kingdom to Come, you'll see exactly how your prayer was used today.....and some day, my little Hopey, in that Kingdom, will have words to speak and will be able to hug your neck and say thank you!


  1. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to pray. Your grandfather - Mr. Morrow - was the one who began me praying for Hope. Our FBC prayer team alerted me to her new surgery- I have bene praying all day and checking on this site. Your willingness to share so freely is amazing......... thank you. I am praising Jesus for the miracle of today's surgery.

  2. Praying for continued health and healing as well as for her care providers that they would continue to be blessed in order to give Hope the BEST care possible!

    SO glad that you don't have to leave during shift change... we never had to in the CICU... I might have had a nervous break down if they kicked me out! LOL

  3. Praying for you all to hopefully get some rest tonight. So glad you don't have to leave Hope's side. We are continuing to praise God for bringing you all through this journey. Our God is a mighty God & boy did HE show it today!! We are so honored to be prayer warriors for Hope. Love you & praying for the rest of the family as you are away. Love, Stacey, Neil, Parker & Payton Miller

  4. You have one little miracle there with you....

    I, too, believe that it is because she was "prayed through this"....

    And I am certain that all who have been following your story will continue to do just that....

    Your baby girl will be home with you soon....



  5. So very happy to read good news. We are thinking about you.

  6. Oh praise praise praise! I want to remember to thank Him as fervently as I begged him. Oh my goodness... I am SO glad that little Hope has that behind her. I can't imagine the weight off your shoulders tonight as you must just be sitting there in awe of what God has done for Hope! What a little miracle and a little lesson she is for all of us!

  7. I went to work this morning thinking and praying for Hope and that God's will be done. HE is real and HE has proven this time and time again. My continued prayers and thoughts will be with Hope, you and your family as Hope heals. Hope has not only touched your hearts but also the hearts of all of us prayer warriors that have prayed for her.

    God is a Wonderful God and Hope is truly a Little Miracle. God has many wonderful things in store for Hope as well as for you and your family. You are TRULY blessed!

    When you are able, please give Hopey a hug from all of us.

  8. Praise be to our Lord and Savior. He hovered over her and the doctor all during the surgery. What a privilege to pray for Hope. My prayers will continue for quick healing.
    In Christ, Colleen Robinson, Seeley Lake, Montana

  9. Your story of Hope has been such a gift to read. My thoughts and ongoing prayers are with you and your miricle child. I have tears of Joy.
    with love and Peace
    Seattle wa

  10. This is such wonderful news to read! Praise God for his blessings!! Wishing Hope a speedy recovery!

  11. What a true blessing that the surgery went so well. I know you all can breath a little easier today. I am overjoyed that miss Hope did so well and I will continue praying for a speedy recovery and healthy Hope.