Friday, October 2, 2009

Dancing at Half Time...9 more days

Hope had a big time this evening at big brother, Caleb's, football half time, she went out on the field and danced until her little body was exhausted. She LOVED it (and so did the spectators who watched her).
In addition, today, we had some special visitors.....Kelley and Ali drove all the way from Cleveland, TN to sign Hope's Love Shack and have lunch with us, Liz stopped by to join us for lunch, Gi Gi and Poppy came from out of town to visit and attend the football game, and Alex spent the day with us, signed the Love Shack and joined us for the football game as well! Busy day with loads of love from alot of people!
Please feel free to stop by to write a prayer or thought in the do not have to call first. I am a true Southerner when it comes to guests: "Ya'll come by anytime, ya hear?"
We are having so much fun thinking of "out of the box" stuff that a 4 year old would enjoy....stay tuned for some pretty goofy stuff. The kids are particularly excited about tomorrow's surprise!
Still marching for our little Hope....marching forward with Joy....feeling like the most blessed family in the world to have "Hope" in our lives. (literally and figuratively)


  1. Dear Hollis Family:
    We continue to lift you up in our daily prayers. Your faith is awe-inspiring and encourages us to delve deeper into our own. We are trusting in the Father, knowing He will work miracles.

    Amy, Elliott, and Violette