Saturday, October 3, 2009

Spaghetti Bath.....8 Days and Counting

Hope began her "Spaghetti Bath" all tidy and ended QUITE different than it began! ENJOY the starts slow, but ends with Hope (and everything else) covered in noodles. Such fun!


  1. Hi, I go to Franklin Classical school and I just want you to know that my whole school and I are praying for Hope. We have a Bible Study every sunday evening and usually someone who knows her will give us an update. I found your blog through the Oatsvall's blog, and I'm praying for your sweet girl.

  2. What an amazing memory you guys just created for Hope. You guys, the whole family are truly an amazing, strong, loving family. You set the tone for all other families. What special people you are. I am truly praying for sweet Hope with all of my heart and soul.