Sunday, October 4, 2009

Mattress Mania.....7 Days and Counting

Tonight, we pulled 5 twin mattresses from the kids' beds and covered the rec. room floor with them for "jumping WITHOUT the bed" instead of " jumping on the bed"!!! We continue to march in celebration for our little "Happy Hopey"! The love we have for this little gal the Father has placed in our lives is just overflowing.....more than our hearts can handle.


  1. To borrow from David Lee Roth, "Come on and JUMP!" Love, Love, Love Y'all

  2. Oh, that is too precious! What a cutie!

  3. I love it! Hi! I just found your blog through a friend. I adopted my daughter from Hong Kong and she is also "Chromosomally Enhanced" with Down Syndrome. We live in the Bellevue area.

    We will be praying for Hope! My little girl, Yan, had her first heart surgery in Hong Kong...but it looks like she will have to have another.

    Praying! Jenn

  4. I want to be a Hollis in my next life! :) I think that must be something like what it's like in heaven... just jumping around, praising and loving! :)